Welcome to the Peoples Treaty web site.
Please enjoy this site with anonymity and at no cost as you get involved in the discussion, making the much needed fundamental changes to the direction this continent is heading, with accountability in Law and alternative directions for governance, created through open honest dialect and education. For the People, by the People.

This site offers a range of education surrounding the topic of National Sovereignty, the truth about this ancient continent, and the international accountability options available for the betterment of mankind.
Due to a well orchestrated agenda of misinformation and indoctrination, it is likely some of the things you confront on this site may not be as you have led to believe. However upon learning what really is the truth about the foundations of what we know to be Australia, the history of deception against the people, is undeniable.

The direction put forward on this site is merely conceptual, meaning it offers direction based purely on accurate information, without assumptions as to interfere with the right to determination of the Nations of this continent Terra Australis. The concept offered on this site is lawful , honest and stands with a complete likelihood of success at any moment the Australian public accepts the truth about the foundational flaws and crimes attributed to the Commonwealth systems, and act with united integrity to put an end to it.

Peoples Treaty is NOT a treaty document, but a promise to uphold the truth and support the lawful outcomes decided by those with the right to determine on this continent.

Peoples Treaty collects THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE as a means to find accountability for the many injustices perpetrated against the population on this continent, both past and present, with the many future generations of this continent and its peoples our clear and concise motive for change.


This site is equitable, fair and will ask you for no money.
Nobody is being asked to give up anything or lose anything.
This site is about gaining a lawful and united future with security for our families and this continent.

All this site asks of you is that you confront the truth honestly and involve yourself in having your say in your own future.

Please share the site and the hashtag #PeoplesTreaty with family and friends to build support for THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE so we can put an end to the madness that governs our lives.

Let the people decide for themselves how to act when confronted with truth, and a legitimate alternative.

The future of our families depends on us being capable of defending this continent lawfully and it is our responsibility to be present in the way our future comes to be.

With the global corporate agenda destroying any likeness of what this world once was, the time to have a plan in action against them is now.

Please watch the Powerpoint presentation for an in depth introduction


Peoples Treaty respects people of all heritages and is available for all people living on the Continent Terra Australis.

We respect and protect the Original Nations of this continent and their exclusive and individual rights to National Sovereignty.

Peoples Treaty operates solely within the boundaries of truth and is a place of solution creation and unity.

We respect the memory of our ANZAC and families past and present and hold deep love and admiration of the mateship that has created our identity.

We are all free people, living in an ancient land of dreaming, surrounded by natures most inspiring creations and we too have this chance to create.

Please enjoy this website thoroughly and involve yourself in voting where you believe change and accountability is most needed.

Cheers, Dylan ‘Didge’ Wilson



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