Welcome Australia to the Peoples treaty web page.
Please enjoy this site with anonymity whilst having your input in your future as we unite and make the much needed changes to how Australia is governed.

Although some things you confront on this site may not be as you believe they are, the truth is undeniable and the direction put forward on this site is lawful , honest and a complete likelihood of success if the Australian public can accept the confrontational truth about the foundational flaws of our Commonwealth system and act in unity.

This site is equitable, fair and will ask you for no money. Nobody is being asked to give up anything or lose anything. This site is about gaining. Gaining a lawful and united future with security for our families and Nation.

All this site asks of you is that you confront the truth honestly and involve yourself in having your say in your own future.

Please share the site and the hashtag #PeoplesTreaty with family and friends to build support for THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE so we can put an end to the madness that governs our lives. Let the people decide for themselves how to act when confronted with truth, and a legitimate alternative.

The future of our families, and our National identity is our legacy to provide for them, as the legacy of our ANZAC’s and our loved one’s past is our duty to uphold.

Dylan ‘Didge’ Wilson.

“They didn’t travel half way around the world to fight and die for a flag or a crown. They fought as brothers from all different backgrounds to defend the heartbeats of their loved ones here at home. A Nation is unified by love and respect. Not cloth from foreign Empires.”
Lest We Forget


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