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Welcome Australia to an alternative and solution to Australia’s corrupt political establishment. This page will facilitate our ability to unite in agreement to implement THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, in promise and declared agreement to a Peoples Treaty with united National sovereignty as the only non-negotiable outcome for Australia’s lawful independence, built by the people, for the people and accountable to the people.

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It is no secret that Australia’s once proud and emboldened identity has been eroded by poor leadership, PC culture and Globalist agendas to the point we are now facing totalitarian legislation which is over policing every aspect of our alleged freedom and the Australia we love is disappearing.

Peoples-Treaty is a way to stamp our identity in the pages of history as honest and lawful Australians setting precedence and acting as the Nation we love and in doing so, will bring forward a unifying solution against a historically criminal establishment and create a future that we can all be proud of. A way for all Australians to have their say in their future.

Since the very first day the British came to these shores and decided to establish a penal colony on this continent, they were afforded every opportunity to seek out the representation of sovereignty among the many Nations who lived here and to create Treaties which could have paved the way for a lawful Commonwealth Nation to be born.

There was a way to a lawful sovereign Australia.

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Unfortunately they didn’t choose that way. The British made choices that went against the orders of the Queen (Pacific Islander Protection act 1875) and since the implementation of terra nullius 1835, unlawfully established the Country Australia in the British Parliament without any agreement from the Nations who lived by their law on this continent.

Failure to make treaty has resulted in lawful opposition to this very day against the Commonwealth of Australia and all British constructs attached to it from the sovereign Nations, making the jurisdiction of all Australian government, judicial and merchant systems nothing more than an elaborate unlawful fiction.

This truth leaves us Australians in a unique situation where we can create what the British did not and lawfully annex this corrupted establishment under orders created by the Will of the People.

In agreement for one united direction with National Sovereignty, WE THE PEOPLE can Treaty an Australian Common construct of Law and eternally recognise the truth and jurisdiction we create from it’s foundations; lawfully aligned and in agreement with the Original Nations here on this continent that have never ceded their National Sovereignty.

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One United Australian continent; Lawfully created and accountable to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

This web page serves as an anonymous platform for you to create the People’s Orders

ALL serious orders will be put forward for you to vote on. (regardless of the content)
*excluding concepts that promote the ongoing occupation by the Commonwealth of Australia, malicious intent, pornography and spam.


How Voting works

The Orders will be created with your input and put forward as polls to be voted on.
find orders here
All polls will be categorised and numbered and only one vote is permitted per poll per I.P address
Polls with the highest percentage of agreement will be used as the Orders of THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE which will be counted in declaration of agreement to a sovereign Australian future.

If you vote YES in favour of an order put forward you will be asked to register your vote of agreement, which will be kept entirely anonymous until such a time as it can be implemented as THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

If you vote NO in disagreement of an order we provide space for you to comment and give reasons for your disagreement so new orders can be created to compromise and find unifying solutions and orders that produce large numbers of support.

* please note that ALL comments are anonymous and not visible to visiting site users. They are to be stored and read through by those wishing to help find compromises

Admin contact
Dylan Wilson – deewhylayin@msn.com

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What are the People’s Orders?

View the Peoples Orders here
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* The People’s Orders are to be created to annex the unlawful line of authority currently operating with our apathetic consent.
* The People’s Orders will be put to poll right here on this web page and will be transparent and anonymous until served as a united voice of the people.
*They will be THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE and will be counted as such.
*They will be issued as directions for the Australian established Government, Judicial system and Military services to follow under the command of the Australian People and they will be NON-NEGOTIABLE .
Create an order to be submitted in a poll as THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE

How will it work and how do we Treaty?

* The creation of agreements between us Australian People, presented as a united front is equivalent to a Union or Confederacy of Free people.
* On an international stage, with agreements to build lawful treaty we have every right to self determination.
* This means we are offered certain protections from other Nations to act within our own sovereign capacity.
* Commander and Chief of the United States Military, President Donald J Trump stood at the United Nations assembly in 2018 and addressed them with a clear and concise statement which reiterates the need to comprehend National Sovereignty and it’s importance.
He told them the United States will defend the right to self determination of all the world’s sovereign Nations and we here in Australia are uniquely positioned by our foundation of lies and deception to hold him to those words, and we don’t need our corrupted government to do it.

Watch President Trump’s speech here

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We are free men and women on this continent. However we do not have a lawful National identity. We are born free, enslaved to a foreign fraud.
Free people wandering on Sovereign Nations Lands.
If we agree to Treaty as the people, without any invitation or interference from the established Commonwealth Government agencies and create our identity lawfully, we can cement the foundations of a new future together, agreed and genuinely accountable to THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.
Read the Treaty proposal here
A genuine chance at Independence and protections for our families, this continent and a future where the people have the power, written, recorded and held by us, to eternally grant those rights to those we call our neighbours, our loved ones and our countrymen.

Please involve yourself. There is no need to fear repercussions as your input will remain anonymous until the moment it counts.

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Tell your friends and family about Peoples Treaty and help us make it grow as the things we find agreement on now, will change our world forever. Share the page. Share the hashtag #PeoplesTreaty . Start the unification with your community and be the change you want in your life.

This page is where the leaders of tomorrow can put their foot forward and create the directions that help the Australian People of all heritages and lay to rest the past narratives and divisive legislative practices of a corrupt Commonwealth structure.

We look forward to tomorrow Australia. Let’s make OUR WILL a reality.
All ideas are welcomed.
All Australians are welcomed
In Love, Respect and unity

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