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Corporate Accountability – Resource and Environment
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Mining and Resources

IGP-CP-RE01 Rio Tinto – Chief Executive – Jakob Stausholm
IGP-CP-RE02 Rio Tinto – Chief Executive Rio Tinto Copper – Bold Baatar
IGP-CP-RE03 Rio Tinto – Chief Commercial Officer – Alf Barrios
IGP-CP-RE04 Rio Tinto – Interim Chief Financial Officer – Peter Cunningham
IGP-CP-RE05 Rio Tinto – Group Executive, Safety, Technical and Projects – Mark Davies
IGP-CP-RE06 Rio Tinto – Chief Executive Rio Tinto Minerals – Sinead Kaufman
IGP-CP-RE07 Rio Tinto – Chief Legal Officer & External Affairs – Barbara Levi
IGP-CP-RE08 Rio Tinto – Chief People Officer – James Martin
IGP-CP-RE09 Rio Tinto – Chief Executive Australia – Kellie Parker
IGP-CP-RE10 Rio Tinto – Chief Operating Officer – Arnaud Soirat
IGP-CP-RE11 Rio Tinto – Group Executive, Strategy and Development – Peter Toth
IGP-CP-RE12 Rio Tinto – Chief Executive Rio Tinto Iron Ore – Simon Trott
IGP-CP-RE13 Rio Tinto – Chief Executive Rio Tinto Aluminium – Ivan Vella
IGP-CP-RE14 Rio Tinto Media Relations – Jonathan Rose
Rio Tinto Investor Relations – Natalie Worley
Rio Tinto invester Relations – Amar Jambaa
Rio Tinto Group Company Secretary – Steve Allen
Rio Tinto Joint Company Secretary – Tim Paine
(BMA) BHP Chair, Board of Directors – Ken MacKenzie
(BMA) BHP CEO, Board of Directors – Mike Henry
(BMA) BHP Senior Independent Director, Board of Directors –  Gary Goldberg
(BMA) BHP Board of Directors – Terry Bowen
(BMA) BHP Board of Directors – Malcolm Broomhead
(BMA) BHP Board of Directors – Xiaoqun Clever
(BMA) BHP Board of Directors – Ian Cockerill
(BMA) BHP Board of Directors – Anita Frew
(BMA) BHP Board of Directors – Susan Kilsby
(BMA) BHP Board of Directors – John Mogford
(BMA) BHP Board of Directors – Christine O’Reilly
(BMA) BHP Board of Directors – Dion Weisler
(BMA) BHP Group Company Secretary – Stefanie Wilkinson
(BMA) BHP Chief Financial Officer – David Lamont
(BMA) BHP Chief Legal, Governance and External Affairs Officer – Caroline Cox
(BMA) BHP President Operations, Minerals Americas – Ragnar Udd
(BMA) BHP Chief People Officer – Athalie Williams
(BMA) BHP Chief Technical Officer – Laura Tyler
(BMA) BHP President Operations, Petroleum – Geraldine Slattery
(BMA) BHP Chief Commercial Officer – Vandita Pant
(BMA) BHP President Minerals Australia – Edgar Basto
(BMA) BHP Chief Development Officer – Johan van Jaarsveld
Fortescue Chairman – Andrew Forrest
IGP-CP-RE42 Fortescue Lead Independent Director and Deputy Chair – Mark Barnaba
IGP-CP-RE43 Fortescue Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director – Elizabeth Gaines
IGP-CP-RE44 Fortescue Non-Executive Director – Sebastian Coe
IGP-CP-RE45 Fortescue Non-Executive Director – Jennifer Morris
IGP-CP-RE46 Fortescue Non-Executive Director – Jean Baderschneider
IGP-CP-RE47 Fortescue Non-Executive Director – Penny Bingham-Hall
IGP-CP-RE48 Fortescue Non-Executive Director – Cao Zhiqiang
IGP-CP-RE49 Fortescue Non-Executive Director – Ya-Qin Zhang
IGP-CP-RE50 Newcrest Independent Non-Executive Chairman – Peter Hay
IGP-CP-RE51 Newcrest Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer – Sandeep Biswas
IGP-CP-RE52 Newcrest Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer – Gerard Bond
IGP-CP-RE53 Newcrest Independent Non-Executive Director – Philip Aiken
IGP-CP-RE54 Newcrest Independent Non-Executive Director –
Roger Higgins
IGP-CP-RE55 Newcrest Independent Non-Executive Director – Vickki McFadden
IGP-CP-RE56 Newcrest Independent Non-Executive Director – Peter Tomsett
IGP-CP-RE57 Newcrest Independent Non-Executive Director – Sally-Anne Layman
IGP-CP-RE58 Newcrest Independent Non-Executive Director – Jane McAloon
IGP-CP-RE59 Newcrest Chief Operating Officer (PNG) – Craig Jones
IGP-CP-RE60 Newcrest Chief Operating Officer (Australia & Americas) – Phil Stephenson
IGP-CP-RE61 Newcrest Chief Development Officer – Seil Song
IGP-CP-RE62 Newcrest Chief People and Sustainability Officer – Lisa Ali
Newcrest Chief Technical & Projects Office – Suresh Vadnagra
Newcrest Chief Legal, Risk and Compliance Officer & Company Secretary – Maria Sanz Perez
South32 Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director -Graham Kerr
IGP-CP-RE66 South32 Chief Financial Officer – Katie Tovich
IGP-CP-RE67 South32 Chief Legal and External Affairs Officer – Kelly O’Rourke
IGP-CP-RE68 South32 Chief Development Officer – Simon Collins
IGP-CP-RE69 South32 Chief Technical Officer – Vanessa Torres
IGP-CP-RE70 South32 Chief Operating Officer – Mike Fraser
IGP-CP-RE71 South32 Chief Human Resources and Commercial Officer – Brendan Harris
IGP-CP-RE72 South32 Chief Operating Officer – Jason Economidis 
IGP-CP-RE73 South32 Chair and Independent Non-Executive Director – Karen Wood
IGP-CP-RE74 South32 Independent Non-Executive Director, Chair of the Risk and Audit Committee – Frank Cooper
South32 Independent Non-Executive Director – Guy Lansdown
IGP-CP-RE76 South32 Independent Non-Executive Director – Xiaoling Liu
IGP-CP-RE77 South32 Independent Non-Executive Director – Ntombifuthi Mtoba
IGP-CP-RE78 South32 Independent Non-Executive Director, Chair of the Remuneration Committee – Wayne Osborn
IGP-CP-RE79 South32 Independent Non-Executive Director, Chair of Sustainability Committee
IGP-CP-RE80 AdBri Ltd Chief Executive Officer – Nick Miller
AdBri Ltd Chief Financial Officer – Theresa Mlikota
IGP-CP-RE82 AdBri Ltd Chief Operating Officer Cement and Lime – Brett Brown
AdBri Ltd Chief Operating Officer Concrete, Aggregates & Masonry – Andrew Dell
AdBri Ltd Chief Sustainability & People Officer – Rebecca Irwin
AdBri Ltd Chief Strategy Officer – Michael Miller
AdBri Ltd General Counsel & Company Secretary – Marcus Clayton
Allegiance Chairman and Managing Director – Mark Gray
IGP-CP-RE88 Allegiance Non-Executive Director – Malcolm Carson
IGP-CP-RE89 Allegiance Non-Executive Director – Larry Cook
IGP-CP-RE90 Allegiance Non-Executive Director – Bernie Mason
IGP-CP-RE91 Allegiance Finance Director – Jonathan Reynolds
IGP-CP-RE92 Allegiance Director of New Elk Coal Company LLC, Chief Operating Officer – Amon Mahon
IGP-CP-RE93 Allegiance Chief Operating Officer – Dan Farmer
IGP-CP-RE94 Allegiance Environment and Government Relations – Angela Waterman
IGP-CP-RE95 Alumina Chair, Independent Non-Executive Director – W Peter Day
IGP-CP-RE96 Alumina Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer – Michael P Ferraro
IGP-CP-RE97 Alumina Non-Executive Director – Chen Zeng
IGP-CP-RE98 Alumina Independent Non‑Executive Director – Deborah O’Toole
IGP-CP-RE99 Alumina Non-Executive Director – John A Bevan
IGP-CP-RE100 Alumina Independent Non-Executive Director – Shirley In’t Veld

IGP-CP-RE101 Alumina Chief Financial Officer – Grant A. Dempsey
IGP-CP-RE102 Alumina General Counsel & Company Secretary – Stephen Foster
IGP-CP-RE103 Alumina Group Executive Strategy & Development – Andrew Wood
IGP-CP-RE104 Alumina General Manager Finance – Galina Kraeva
IGP-CP-RE105 Arafura Non-Executive Chairman – Mark Southey
IGP-CP-RE106 Arafura Managing Director – Gavin Lockyer
IGP-CP-RE107 Arafura Non-Executive Director – Chris Tonkin
IGP-CP-RE108 Arafura Non-Executive Director – Quansheng Zhang
IGP-CP-RE109 Arafura Non-Executive Director – Cathy Moises
IGP-CP-RE110 Arafura Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary – Peter Sherrington
IGP-CP-RE111 Arafura General Manager Sales & Marketing – Lloyd Kaiser
IGP-CP-RE112 Arafura General Manager NT & Sustainability – Brian Fowler
IGP-CP-RE113 Arafura General Manager Projects – Stewart Watkins
IGP-CP-RE114 Arafura Joint Company Secretary – Catherine Huynh
IGP-CP-RE115 AstraIron Executive Chairman Hancock Group – Georgina Rinehart
IGP-CP-RE116 AstraIron Non-Executive Chairman – Spiro Pappas
IGP-CP-RE117 AstraIron Non-Executive Director – Ian Plimer
IGP-CP-RE118 AstraIron Non-Executive Director – Tad Watroba
AstraIron Non-Executive Director – Stephen Wood
IGP-CP-RE120 AstraIron Non-Executive Director – Johan Dyrnes
AstraIron Alternative Director – Garry Korte
AstraIron Alternative Director – Imants Kins
(BMA) Mitsubishi – Chairman of the Board – Ken Kobayashi
IGP-CP-RE124 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB, President & CEO – Takehiko Kakiuchi
IGP-CP-RE125 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB, Executive VP – Kazuyuki Mazu
IGP-CP-RE126 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB, Executive VP – Akira Murakoshi
IGP-CP-RE127 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB, Executive VP – Yasuteru Hirai
IGP-CP-RE128 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB, Executive VP – Yutaka Kashiwagi
IGP-CP-RE129 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB – Akihiko Nishiyama
IGP-CP-RE130 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB – Akitaka Saiki
IGP-CP-RE131 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB – Tsuneyoshi Tatsuoka
IGP-CP-RE132 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB – Shunichi Miyanaga
IGP-CP-RE133 (BMA) Mitsubishi – MOB – Sakie Akiyama
IGP-CP-RE134 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member – Shuma Uchino
IGP-CP-RE135 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member – Hajime Hirano
IGP-CP-RE136 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Audit & Supervisory Board Member – Yasuko Takayama
IGP-CP-RE137 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Audit & Supervisory Board Member – Rieko Sato
IGP-CP-RE138 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Audit & Supervisory Board Member – Takeshi Nakao
IGP-CP-RE139 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Group CEO, Mineral Resources – Norikazu Tanaka
IGP-CP-RE140 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Group CEO, Industrial Materials – Kotaro Tsukamoto
IGP-CP-RE141 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Group CEO, Power Solution – Katsuya Nakanishi
IGP-CP-RE142 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Group CEO, Natural Gas – Jun Nishizawa
IGP-CP-RE143 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Group CEO, Industrial Infrastructure – Aiichiro Matsunaga
IGP-CP-RE144 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Corporate Functional Officer, Global Strategy, Chief Compliance Officer, Officer for Emergency Crisis Management HQ – Yasuteru Hirai
IGP-CP-RE145 (BMA) Mitsubishi – Group CEO, Petroleum & Chemicals Solution – Osamu Takeuchi
IGP-CP-RE146 Black Rock Mining LTD – Chairman – Richard Crookes
IGP-CP-RE147 Black Rock Mining LTD – Managing Director & CEO – John de Vries
IGP-CP-RE148 Black Rock Mining LTD – Non-Executive Director – Ian Murray
IGP-CP-RE149 Black Rock Mining LTD – Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary – Gabriel Chiappini
IGP-CP-RE150 Centrex Metals – Non-Executive Chairman – Peter Hunt
IGP-CP-RE151 Centrex Metals – Non-Executive Director – Graham Chrisp
IGP-CP-RE152 Centrex Metals – Ind Non-Executive Director – A. John Parker
IGP-CP-RE153 CI Resources LTD – Chairman – David Somerville
IGP-CP-RE154 CI Resources LTD – Managing Director – Lai Ah Hong
IGP-CP-RE155 CI Resources LTD – Director – Dato’ Sri Tee Lip Sin
IGP-CP-RE156 CI Resources LTD – Director – Adrian Gurgone
IGP-CP-RE157 CI Resources LTD – Director – Tee Lip Jen
IGP-CP-RE158 CI Resources LTD – Director – Dato’ Sri Kamaruddin bin Mohammed
IGP-CP-RE159 Conquest Mining – Founder/Owner – Joya Millany
IGP-CP-RE160 Conquest Mining – Founder/Owner – Mitchell Stammets
IGP-CP-RE161 Dyno Nobel – Managing Director & CEO, Incitec Pivot LTD – James Fazzino
IGP-CP-RE162 Dyno Nobel – President, Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific – Simon Atkinson
IGP-CP-RE163 Dyno Nobel – President, Dyno Noble Americas – Nick Stratford
IGP-CP-RE164 Dyno Nobel – Chief Financial Officer – Frank Micallef
IGP-CP-RE165 Hancock Prospecting PTY LTD, Executive Chairman Hancock Prospecting Group, Roy Hill & S. Kidman & CO – Gina Rinehart
IGP-CP-RE166 Hancock Prospecting PTY LTD – Chief Executive Director – Garry Korte
IGP-CP-RE167 Hancock Prospecting PTY LTD – Executive Director – Tad Watroba
IGP-CP-RE168 Hancock Prospecting PTY LTD – Executive Director – Jay Newby
IGP-CP-RE169 Hancock Prospecting PTY LTD – Chief Financial Officer – Jabez Hueng
IGP-CP-RE170 Hillgrove Resources – Chairman – Derek Carter
IGP-CP-RE171 Hillgrove Resources – CEO & Managing Director – Lachlan Wallace
IGP-CP-RE172 Hillgrove Resources – Non-Executive Director – Murray Boyte
IGP-CP-RE173 Hillgrove Resources – Chief Geologist & Exploration Manager – Peter Rolley
IGP-CP-RE174 Hillgrove Resources – Company Secretary & Chief Commercial Officer – Joe Sutanto
IGP-CP-RE175 Iluka Resources – Chairman – Greg Martin
IGP-CP-RE176 Iluka Resources – CEO & Managing Director – Tom O’Leary
IGP-CP-RE177 Iluka Resources – Chair of Audit and Risk Committee – Lynne Saint
IGP-CP-RE178 Iluka Resources – Chair of The People & Performance Committee – Rob Cole
IGP-CP-RE179 Iluka Resources – BOD – Susie Corlett
IGP-CP-RE180 Iluka Resources – BOD – Marcelo Bastos
IGP-CP-RE181 Iluka Resources – BOD – Andrea Sutton
IGP-CP-RE182 Indiana Resources LTD – Executive Chair – Bronwyn Barnes
IGP-CP-RE183 Indiana Resources LTD – Non-Executive Director – Bob Adam
IGP-CP-RE184 Indiana Resources LTD – Non-Executive Director – Felicity Repacholi-Muir
IGP-CP-RE185 Indiana Resources LTD – Joint Company Secretary & CFO – Trevor Harris
IGP-CP-RE186 Indiana Resources LTD – Joint Company Secretary – Aida Tabakovic
IGP-CP-RE187 Indiana Resources LTD – General Manager, Exploration – Gary Ferris
IGP-CP-RE188 Iron Road Limited – Chairman – Peter Cassidy
IGP-CP-RE189 Iron Road Limited – Non-Executive Director – Jerry Ellis
IGP-CP-RE190 Iron Road Limited – Non-Executive Director – Ian Hume
IGP-CP-RE191 Iron Road Limited – Executive Director, Commercial – Glen Chipman
IGP-CP-RE192 Iron Road Limited – Chief Executive Officer – Larry Ingle
IGP-CP-RE193 Iron Road Limited – Company Secretary – Jarek Koplas
IGP-CP-RE194 Iron Road Limited – General Manager, Projects – Noel Second
IGP-CP-RE195 Iron Road Limited – Principal Advisor, Stakeholder Engagement – Tim Sholz
IGP-CP-RE196 Iron Road Limited – Consultant, Environmental Manager – Steve Green
IGP-CP-RE197 Lynas Corporation – Chair – Kathleen Conlon
IGP-CP-RE198 Lynas Corporation – Managing Director – Amanda Lacaze
IGP-CP-RE199 Lynas Corporation – Non-Executive Director – Vanessa Guthrie
IGP-CP-RE200 Lynas Corporation – Non-Executive Director – Grant Murdoch

IGP-CP-RE201 Lynas Corporation – Non-Executive Director – Phillipe Etienne
IGP-CP-RE202 Lynas Corporation – Non-Executive Director – John Humphrey
IGP-CP-RE203 Lynas Corporation – Chief Financial Officer – Gaudenz Sturzenegger
IGP-CP-RE204 Lynas Corporation – VP Downstream – Pol Le Roux
IGP-CP-RE205 Lynas Corporation – VP Upstream – Kam Leung
IGP-CP-RE206 Lynas Corporation – VP Malaysia – Dato’ Mashal Ahmad
IGP-CP-RE207 Lynas Corporation – VP People & Culture – Mimi Afzan Afza
IGP-CP-RE208 Lynas Corporation – VP Strategy & Investor Relations – Daniel Havas
IGP-CP-RE209 Minara Resources, Glencore – Non-Executive Chairman – Kalidas Madhavpeddi
IGP-CP-RE210 Minara Resources, Glencore – Chief Executive Officer – Gary Nagle
IGP-CP-RE211 Minara Resources, Glencore – Non Executive Director – Peter Coates
IGP-CP-RE212 Minara Resources, Glencore – Senior Executive Director – Martin Gilbert
IGP-CP-RE213 Minara Resources, Glencore – Ind Non-Executive Director – Gill Marcus
IGP-CP-RE214 Minara Resources, Glencore – Ind Non-Executive Director – Patrice Merrin
IGP-CP-RE215 Minara Resources, Glencore – Ind Non-Executive Director – Cynthia Carroll
IGP-CP-RE216 Mineralogy – Founder/Owner – Clive Palmer
IGP-CP-RE217 Mineralogy – Senior Executive Officer – Clive Mensink
IGP-CP-RE218 Mineralogy – Legal Director & Counsel – Baljeet Singh
IGP-CP-RE219 Orocobre LTD – Non-Executive Chairman – Robert Hubbard
IGP-CP-RE220 Orocobre LTD – Non-Executive Deputy Chairman – Fernando Oris De Roa
IGP-CP-RE221 Orocobre LTD – CEO & Managing Director – Martin Perez De Solay
IGP-CP-RE222 Orocobre LTD – Non-Executive Director – Richard Seville
IGP-CP-RE223 Orocobre LTD – Non-Executive Director – John Gibson
IGP-CP-RE224 Orocobre LTD – Non-Executive Director – Leanne Heywood
IGP-CP-RE225 Orocobre LTD – Non-Executive Director – Masaharu Katayama
IGP-CP-RE226 Orocobre LTD – Non-Executive Director – Patricia Martinez
IGP-CP-RE227 Orocobre LTD – CFO & Joint Company Secretary – Neil Kaplan
IGP-CP-RE228 Orocobre LTD – Corporate Development Manager, General Counsel & Joint Company Secretary – Rick Anthon
IGP-CP-RE229 OZ Minerals – Chairman – Rebecca McGrath
IGP-CP-RE230 OZ Minerals – CEO & Managing Director – Andrew Cole
IGP-CP-RE231 OZ Minerals – Ind Non-Executive Director – Tonianne Dwyer
IGP-CP-RE232 OZ Minerals – Ind Non-Executive Director – Peter Wasow
IGP-CP-RE233 OZ Minerals – Ind Non-Executive Director – Charles Sartain
IGP-CP-RE234 OZ Minerals – Ind Non-Executive Director – Richard Seville
IGP-CP-RE235 OZ Minerals – Ind Non-Executive Director – Sarah Ryan
IGP-CP-RE236 Padbury Mining – Non-Executive Director – William Han
IGP-CP-RE237 Pilbara Minerals – Non-Executive Chair – Tony Kiernan
IGP-CP-RE238 Pilbara Minerals – CEO & Managing Director – Ken Brinsden
IGP-CP-RE239 Pilbara Minerals – Non-Executive Director – Sally-Anne Layman
IGP-CP-RE240 Pilbara Minerals – Non-Executive Director – Nick Cernotta
IGP-CP-RE241 Pilbara Minerals – Non-Executive Director – Steve Scumdamore
IGP-CP-RE242 QCoal – Managing Director – Chris Wallin
IGP-CP-RE243 QRC – President – Brent Gunther
IGP-CP-RE244 QRC – Vice president – Nick McKenna
IGP-CP-RE245 QRC – Vice President – Tyler Mitchelson
IGP-CP-RE246 QRC – Vice President – Matt O’Neill
IGP-CP-RE247 QRC – Director – Greg Chalmers
IGP-CP-RE248 QRC – Director – Bob Fulker
IGP-CP-RE249 QRC – Director – Todd Harrington
IGP-CP-RE250 QRC – Director – Rob Jackson
IGP-CP-RE251 QRC – Director – Hayden Leary
IGP-CP-RE252 QRC – Director – Ian Macfarlane
IGP-CP-RE253 QRC – Director – James Palmer
IGP-CP-RE254 QRC – Director – Lucy snelling
IGP-CP-RE255 QRC – Director – Douglas Thompson
IGP-CP-RE256 Queensland Nickel – Foudner/Owner – Clive Palmer
IGP-CP-RE257 Queensland Nickel – Director Martin Brewster
IGP-CP-RE258 Queensland Nickel – General Manager – Ian Ferguson
IGP-CP-RE259 Rosslyn Hill Mining PTY LTD – BOD – Stephen Dennis
IGP-CP-RE260 Rosslyn Hill Mining PTY LTD – BOD – David Dreisinger
IGP-CP-RE261 Rosslyn Hill Mining PTY LTD – BOD – David Warner
IGP-CP-RE262 Rosslyn Hill Mining PTY LTD – BOD – Michel Marier
IGP-CP-RE263 Rosslyn Hill Mining PTY LTD – BOD – George Molyviatis
IGP-CP-RE264 Rosslyn Hill Mining PTY LTD – President, CEO & Corporate Secretary – Andrew Worland
IGP-CP-RE265 Talisman Mining – Chairman – Kerry Harmanis
IGP-CP-RE266 Talisman Mining – Non-Executive Director – Jeremy Kirkwood
IGP-CP-RE267 Talisman Mining – Non-Executive Director – Brian Dawes
IGP-CP-RE268 Talisman Mining – Non-Executive Director – Peter Benjamin
IGP-CP-RE269 Global Advanced Metals – CEO – Andrew O’Donovan
IGP-CP-RE270 Global Advanced Metals – CFO, Executive General Manager, GAM Resources – Glenn Williams
IGP-CP-RE271 Global advanced Metals – President, GAM Technology – Steve Krause
IGP-CP-RE272 Global advanced Metals – S.V.P., General Counsel, Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer – Steve Millsap
IGP-CP-RE273 Global advanced Metals – Chief Commercial Officer – Ryan Clement
IGP-CP-RE274 Global advanced Metals – BOD Chairman – Mark Comerford
IGP-CP-RE275 Global advanced Metals – BOD Vice Chairman – Brian Ellis
IGP-CP-RE276 Global advanced Metals – BOD Director – Brett Beady
IGP-CP-RE277 Global advanced Metals – BOD Director – Renee Hornbaker
IGP-CP-RE278 Global advanced Metals – BOD Director – Donna Grier
IGP-CP-RE279 Global advanced Metals – BOD Director – James McClements
IGP-CP-RE280 Troy Resources – Non-Executive Director, Chairman – Peter Stern
IGP-CP-RE281 Troy Resources – CEO & Managing Director – Ken Nillson
IGP-CP-RE282 Troy Resources – Non-Executive Director – Richard Beazley
IGP-CP-RE283 Troy Resources – Non-Executive Director – Andrew Barclay
IGP-CP-RE284 Tyranna Resources LTD – Non-Executive Director – Giuseppi Graziano
IGP-CP-RE285 Tyranna Resources LTD – Non-Executive Director – David Wheeler
IGP-CP-RE286 Tyranna Resources LTD – Non-Executive Director – Joseph Pinto
IGP-CP-RE287 Quantum Graphite – Chairman – Steve Chadwick
IGP-CP-RE288 Quantum Graphite – Managing Director – Sal Catalano
IGP-CP-RE289 Quantum Graphite – Non-Executive Director – Bruno Ruggiero
IGP-CP-RE290 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Chief Executive Officer & Country Head – Lucas Dow
IGP-CP-RE291 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Chairman, Adani Group – Gautam Adani
IGP-CP-RE292 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Managing Director – Rajesh Adani
IGP-CP-RE293 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Chairperson, Adani Foundation – Priti Adani
IGP-CP-RE294 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Whole Time Director APSEZ & CEO, AAHL – Malay Mahadevia
IGP-CP-RE295 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Managing Director, Agro Oil & Gas – Pranav Adani
IGP-CP-RE296 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – CEO Adani Ports & SEZ LTD – Karen Adani
IGP-CP-RE297 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Managing Director & CEO, Adani Transmission LTD Independent Managing Director – Anil Sardana
IGP-CP-RE298 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Managing Director & CEO Adani Green Energy LTD – Vneet S. Jaain
IGP-CP-RE299 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Director, Adani Enterprises & CEO Natural Resources – Vinay Prakash
IGP-CP-RE300 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – CEO, Adani Global Singapore & AdaniConnex – Jeyakumar Janakaraj

IGP-CP-RE301 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – CEO, Adani Group North America & CTO, Adani Group – Sudipta Bhattacharya
IGP-CP-RE302 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Group Chief Human Resources Officer – Vikram Tandon
IGP-CP-RE303 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – CEO, Adani Capital – Gaurav Gupta
IGP-CP-RE304 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – CEO, Adani Wilmar LTD – Angshu Mallick
IGP-CP-RE305 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – CEO, Adani Gas LTD – Suresh Manglani
IGP-CP-RE306 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Advisor to Chairman – Jayant Parimal
IGP-CP-RE307 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – CEO, Shipping – Pranav Vora
IGP-CP-RE308 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – CEO, Solar Manufacturing – Ramesh Nair
IGP-CP-RE309 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Group CFO – Jugeshinder Singh
IGP-CP-RE310 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Executive Director, AGEL – Sagar Adani
IGP-CP-ER311 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – VP, Group Finance – Jeet Adani
IGP-CP-RE312 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Executive Director Adani Australia – Samir Vora
IGP-CP-RE313 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – President & Head, Chairman’s Office – Ashish Rajvanshi
IGP-CP-RE314 Bravus Mining & Resources (Adani) – Group General Counsel, Adani Group – P. M Devaiah
IGP-CP-RE315 Bechtel Group Inc – Chairman & CEO – Brendan Bechtel
IGP-CP-ER316 Bechtel Group Inc – President, Chief Operating Officer – Craig Albert
IGP-CP-ER317 Bechtel Group Inc – President, Nuclear, Security & Environmental – John Howanitz
IGP-CP-ER318 Bechtel Group Inc – President, Infrastructure – Shaun Kenny
IGP-CP-ER319 Bechtel Group Inc – President, Energy – Paul Marsden
IGP-CP-ER320 Bechtel Group Inc – President, Mining & Metals – Ailie Macadam
IGP-CP-ER321 Bechtel Group Inc – General Counsel – Michael Bailey
IGP-CP-ER322 Bechtel Group Inc – Chief Financial Officer – Catherine Hunt Ryan
IGP-CP-ER323 Bechtel Group Inc – President, Bechtel Enterprises – Keith Hennessey
IGP-CP-ER324 Bechtel Group Inc – Chief Human Resources Officer – Justin Zacharria
IGP-CP-ER325 Bechtel Group Inc – Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer – Kevin Edwards
IGP-CP-ER326 Bechtel Group Inc – President, Regions and Corporate Relations – Stuart Jones
IGP-CP-ER327 Bechtel Group Inc – Manager, EPC Functions – Vikas Joshi
IGP-CP-ER328 Bechtel Group Inc – Commercial Manager – Emad Khedr
IGP-CP-ER329 Bechtel Group Inc – Manager, Corporate Business Development – Paul Gibbs
IGP-CP-ER330 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director – Riley Bechtel
IGP-CP-ER331 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director – Jack Futcher
IGP-CP-ER332 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director – Leigh Clifford
IGP-CP-ER333 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director – Alan Dachs
IGP-CP-ER334 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director – Eric Dachs
IGP-CP-ER335 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director – Alec Gallimore
IGP-CP-ER336 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director – David McCormick
IGP-CP-ER337 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director – Tom Nelson
IGP-CP-ER338 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director – David O’Reilly
IGP-CP-ER339 Bechtel Group Inc – Non-Executive Director -,Dan Warmenhoven
IGP-CP-ER340 Cuesta Coal – Non-Executive Chairman – Brian Johnson
IGP-CP-ER341 Cuesta Coal – CEO & Managing Director – Matthew Crawford
IGP-CP-ER342 Cuesta Coal – Non-Executive Director – Ruoshui Wang
IGP-CP-ER342 Cuesta Coal – Non-Executive Director – Yong Xiao
IGP-CP-ER342 Cuesta Coal – Non-Executive Director – Guoqiang Luo
IGP-CP-RE343 Cuesta Coal – CFO, Company Secretary – Laura Mu
IGP-CP-RE344 GVK Coal Mining – Founder & Chairman – GVK Reddy
IGP-CP-RE345 GVK Coal Mining – Vice Chairman – GV Sanjay Reddy
IGP-CP-RE346 GVK Coal Mining – Whole Time Director – PV Prasanna Reddy
IGP-CP-RE347 GVK Coal Mining – Director – Krishna R Bhupal
IGP-CP-RE348 GVK Coal Mining – Director & CFO – A Issac George
IGP-CP-ER349 GVK Coal Mining – Independent Director – S Balasubramanian
IGP-CP-ER350 GVK Coal Mining – Independent Director – S Anwar
IGP-CP-ER351 GVK Coal Mining – Independent Director – Anumola Rajasekhar
IGP-CP-ER352 GVK Coal Mining – Independent Director – N Anil Kumar Reddy
IGP-CP-ER353 GVK Coal Mining – Womans Director – Sudha Vasanth
IGP-CP-ER354 Newmont Mining –


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