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Corporate Accountability – Telecommunications
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IGP-CP-T01 TPG Telecom – Chairman – Canning Fok
IGP-CP-T02 TPG Telecom – CEO and Managing Director – Iñaki Berroeta
IGP-CP-T03 TPG Telecom – Non-Executive Director – Pierre Klotz
IGP-CP-T04 TPG Telecom – Non-Executive Director – Diego Massidda
IGP-CP-T05 TPG Telecom – Non-Executive Director – Robert Millner
IGP-CP-T06 TPG Telecom – Non-Executive Director – Antony Moffatt
IGP-CP-T07 TPG Telecom – Non-Executive Director – Dr Helen Nugent AO
IGP-CP-T08 TPG Telecom – Non-Executive Director – Frank Sixt
IGP-CP-T09 TPG Telecom – Non-Executive Director – Arlene Tansey
IGP-CP-T10 TPG Telecom – Non-Executive Director – Jack Teoh
IGP-CP-T11 TPG Telecom – Group Chief Financial Officer – Stephen Banfield
IGP-CP-T12 TPG Telecom – Group Executive Customer Operations and Shared Services – Ana Bordeianu
IGP-CP-T13 TPG Telecom – Group Executive Consumer – Kieren Cooney
IGP-CP-T14 TPG Telecom – Group Executive Legal and External Affairs and Company Executive – Trent Czinner
IGP-CP-T15 TPG Telecom – Group Executive People Experience – Vanessa Hicks
IGP-CP-T16 TPG Telecom – Group Chief Digital and Information Officer – Rob James
IGP-CP-T17 TPG Telecom – Executive General Manager Mobile and Fixed Networks – Barry Kezik
IGP-CP-T18 TPG Telecom – Group Executive New Business Development – Craig Levy
IGP-CP-T19 TPG Telecom – Group Executive Wholesale – Dan Lloyd
IGP-CP-T20 TPG Telecom – Executive General Manager Fibre Operations and Access Network Deployment – Reggie Naik
IGP-CP-T21 TPG Telecom – Group Executive Enterprise and Government – Jonathon Rutherford
IGP-CP-T22 AWA Technologies Services – Director Operations – Information Technology Services – Andrew Hensley
IGP-CP-T23 AWA Technologies Services – Director, Sales and Business Development – Stuart McCullough
IGP-CP-T24 AWA Technologies Services – Senior Account Manger / Solutions Architect – Ian Wills
IGP-CP-T25 AWA Technologies Services – ICT Manager – Hugh Burns
IGP-CP-T26 AWA Technologies Services – Senior Account Manager -Andrew Ellis
IGP-CP-T27 AWA Technologies Services – Senior Account Manager – Robert Kosovic
IGP-CP-T28 AWA Technologies Services – National Technical Support Manager / State Manager SA/NT/VIC/TAS – Jim Maheridis
IGP-CP-T30 Connexus Solutions – Director – Mark Stephen
IGP-CP-T31 Connexus Solution – Director – Murray Swilks
IGP-CP-T32 Vocus Group – Managing Director and CEO – Kevin Russel
IGP-CP-T33 Vocus Group – Group Chief Financial Officer – Nitesh Naidoo
IGP-CP-T34 Vocus Group – General Counsel and Company Secretary – Simon Lewin
IGP-CP-T35 Vocus Group – Chief Executive, New Zealand & Chief Executive Wholesale and International – Mark Callander
IGP-CP-T36 Vocus Group – Head of People and Culture – Amber Kristof
IGP-CP-T37 Vocus Group – Chief Executive, Business and Consumer – Antony de Jong
IGP-CP-T38 Vocus Group – Chief Executive, Enterprise and Government – Andrew Wildblood
IGP-CP-T39 Vocus Group – Chief Operating Officer – Ellie Sweeney
IGP-CP-T40 Vocus Group – Non Executive Director(Chair) – Robert Mansfield
IGP-CP-T41 Vocus Group – Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer – Kevin Russell
IGP-CP-T42 Vocus Group – Non Executive Director – David Wiadrowski
IGP-CP-T43 Vocus Group – Non Executive Director – John Ho
IGP-CP-T44 Vocus Group – Non Executive Director – Julie Fahey
IGP-CP-T45 Vocus Group – Executive Director – Mark Callander
IGP-CP-T46 Vocus Group – Non Executive Director – Bruce Akhurst
IGP-CP-T47 Vocus Group – Non Executive Director – Mathew Hanning
IGP-CP-T48 EM Solutions – Chief Executive Officer – Rowan Gilmore
IGP-CP-T49 EM Solutions – Chief Technology Officer – John Ness
IGP-CP-T50 EM Solutions – Chief Engineer – Peter Bradley
IGP-CP-T51 EM Solutions – Operations Manager – Georgios Makris
IGP-CP-T52 EM Solutions – Program Manager – John Logan
IGP-CP-T53 EM Solutions – Director of Global Sales – Gary Shmith
IGP-CP-T54 Overthewire – Group CEO and Managing Director – Michael Omeros
IGP-CP-T55 Overthewire – Chief Executive Officer – Scott Smith
IGP-CP-T56 Overthewire – Chief Financial Officer – Ben Melville
IGP-CP-T57 Overthewire – Chief Operating Officer – Gary Pittorino
IGP-CP-T58 Overthewire – Chief Technology Officer – Ben Cornish
IGP-CP-T59 Overthewire – Chief Revenue Officer – Mike Mulvey
IGP-CP-T60 Overthewire – Chief Technology Officer – Collaboration Pillar – Jay Binks
IGP-CP-T61 Overthewire – General Manager People and Culture – Rebecca Tuma
IGP-CP-T62 Overthewire – General Manager Acquisitions & Integration – Dennis Muscat
IGP-CP-T63 Foxtel – Chairperson of Foxtel Board – Siobhan McKenna
IGP-CP-T64 Foxtel – Director News Corp Australia – Michael Ford
IGP-CP-T65 Foxtel – Director News Corp Australia – Michael Miller
IGP-CP-T66 Foxtel – Director – Mark Kaner
IGP-CP-T67 Foxtel – Director Telstra – Brendon Riley
IGP-CP-T68 Foxtel – Director Telstra – Guy Beresford-Wylie
IGP-CP-T69 Foxtel – Company Secretary Foxtel – Lynette Ireland
IGP-CP-T70 Foxtel – Chief Executive Officer, Foxtel Group – Patrick Delaney
IGP-CP-T71 Foxtel – Chief Customer, Marketing and Revenue Officer, Foxtel – Hilary Perchard
IGP-CP-T72 Foxtel – CEO, Kayo Sports and Binge – Julian Ogrin
IGP-CP-T73 Foxtel – CEO, Foxtel Media – Mark Frain
IGP-CP-T74 Foxtel – Chief Commercial and Content Officer, Foxtel Group – Amanda Laing
IGP-CP-T75 Foxtel – Chief Financial Officer, Foxtel Group – Stuart Hutton
IGP-CP-T76 Foxtel – Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Foxtel Group – Les Wigan
IGP-CP-T77 Foxtel – Chief People Officer, Foxtel Group – Sally Connell
IGP-CP-T78 Foxtel – Chief Communications Officer, Foxtel Group – Paul Edwards
IGP-CP-T79 FieldSolutions – Chairman and Non Executive Director – Ken Carr
IGP-CP-T80 FieldSolutions – Non Executive Director – Mithila Nath Ranawake
IGP-CP-T81 FieldSolutions – Executive Director – Andrew Roberts
IGP-CP-T82 FieldSolutions – Finance Director – Wendy Tyberek
IGP-CP-T83 FieldSolutions – Company Secretary – Sinead Teague
IGP-CP-T84 Isoton – CEO and Chairman of the Board – Greg Steer
IGP-CP-T85 Macquarie Telecom Group – Chairman – Peter James
IGP-CP-T86 Macquarie Telecom Group – Chief Executive – David Tudehope
IGP-CP-T87 Macquarie Telecom Group – Non Executive Director – Bart Vogel
IGP-CP-T88 Macquarie Telecom Group – Non Executive Director – Anouk Darling
IGP-CP-T89 Macquarie Telecom Group – Non Executive Director – Adelle Howse
IGP-CP-T90 Macquarie Telecom Group – Managing Director, Hosting – Aidan Tudehope
IGP-CP-T91 MNF Group Limited – Chair & Non Executive Director – Anne Ward
IGP-CP-T92 MNF Group Limited – Executive Director & CEO – Rene Sugo
IGP-CP-T93 MNF Group Limited – Non Executive Director – Michael Boorne
IGP-CP-T94 MNF Group Limited – Non Executive Director – Andy Fung
IGP-CP-T95 MNF Group Limited – Non Executive Director – Gail Pemberton
IGP-CP-T96 MNF Group Limited – Non Executive Director – David Stuart
IGP-CP-T97 MNF Group Limited – Executive General Manager Global – Andrew Tierney
IGP-CP-T98 MNF Group Limited – Chief Financial Officer – Chris Last
IGP-CP-T99 MNF Group Limited – Chief Product Officer – Ritsa Hime
IGP-CP-T100 MNF Group Limited – General Counsel – Helen Fraser

IGP-CP-T101 MNF Group Limited – Chief Executive Direct – Iain Falshaw
IGP-CP-T102 MNF Group Limited – Chief People Experience Officer – Cathy Doyle
IGP-CP-T103 MNF Group Limited – Chief Executive Wholesale – John Cleaver
IGP-CP-T104 MNF Group Limited – Chief Technology Officer – John Boeson
IGP-CP-T105 NBN Co – Chairman, Non Executive Director – Ziggy Switkowski
IGP-CP-T106 NBN Co – Non Executive Director – Drew Clarke
IGP-CP-T107 NBN Co – Non Executive Director – Andrew Dix
IGP-CP-T108 NBN Co – Non Executive Director – Shirley In’t Veld
IGP-CP-T109 NBN Co – Non Executive Director – Michael Malone
IGP-CP-T110 NBN Co – Non Executive Director – Kate McKenzie
IGP-CP-T111 NBN Co – Non Executive Director – Zoe McKenzie
IGP-CP-T112 NBN Co – Non Executive Director – Kerry Schott
IGP-CP-T113 NBN Co – Managing Director – Stephen Rue
IGP-CP-T114 NBN Co – Chief Executive Officer – Stephens Rue
IGP-CP-T115 NBN Co – Chief Financial Officer – Philip Knox
IGP-CP-T116 NBN Co – Chief Operating Officer – Katherine Dyer
IGP-CP-T117 NBN Co – Chief People and Culture Officer – Sally Kincaid
IGP-CP-T118 NBN Co – Chief Corporate Affairs Officer – Felicity Ross
IGP-CP-T119 NBN Co – Chief Information Officer – Debbie Taylor
IGP-CP-T120 NBN Co – Chief Customer Officer – Brad Whitcomb
IGP-CP-T121 NBN Co – Chief Development Officer, Regional and Remote – Gavin Williams
IGP-CP-T122 NBN Co – Chief Engineering Officer – John Parkin
IGP-CP-T123 NBN Co – Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer – Will Irving
IGP-CP-T124 Norwood Systems – CEO & Co-Founder – Paul OsterGaard
IGP-CP-T125 Norwood Systems – Non Executive Director – Giles Everist
IGP-CP-T126 Norwood Systems – Non Executive Director – Michael Edwards
IGP-CP-T127 Norwood Systems – Company Secretary – Steven wood
IGP-CP-T128 Norwood Systems – VP Global Professional Services and Analytics – Mans Shapshak
IGP-CP-T129 Norwood Systems – General Manager Enterprise and Vice President Sales – Steve Tot
IGP-CP-T130 Optus – Chief Executive Officer, Optus – Kelly Bayer Rosmarin
IGP-CP-T131 Optus – Vice President People and Culture – Kate Aitken
IGP-CP-T132 Optus – Vice President, Television, Content and Product Development – Clive Dickens
IGP-CP-T133 Optus – Head of Business Risk Management – Poppy Fassos
IGP-CP-T134 Optus – VP, Optus Networks – Lambo Kanagaratnam
IGP-CP-T135 Optus – Vice President, Retail and Channel Sales -Maurice McCarthy
IGP-CP-T136 Optus – Managing Director, Optus Enterprise – Chris Mitchell
IGP-CP-T137 Optus – Chairman, Optus – Paul O’Sullivan
IGP-CP-T138 Optus – Managing Director, Optus Business – Libby Roy
IGP-CP-T139 Optus – Vice President, Regulatory and Public Affairs – Andrew Sheridan
IGP-CP-T140 Optus – Chief Financial Officer – Michael Venter
IGP-CP-T141 Optus – Managing Director, Optus Digital – Richard Webby
IGP-CP-T142 Optus – Managing Director, Wholesale, Satellite and Strategy – Ben White
IGP-CP-T143 Optus – Managing Director, Marketing and Revenue – Matt Williams
IGP-CP-T144 Optus – Vice President of IT, Optus – Seow Yoke Kong
IGP-CP-T145 Optus – Vice President, Wholesale and Satellite – John Castro
IGP-CP-T146 Optus – Head of Marketing & Product Management, Optus Wholesale – Andrew Stojcevski
IGP-CP-T147 Optus – Director, Service & Operations, Optus Wholesale – Jihad Farhat
IGP-CP-T148 Optus – Head of Satellite & Space Systems, Optus Satellite – Nick Leake
IGP-CP-T149 Optus – Director of Sales, Optus Wholesale – Tony Barrett
IGP-CP-T150 Optus – Director of Sales, Optus Wholesale – Chris Peterson
IGP-CP-T151 Speedcast – Chief Executive Officer – Joe Spited
IGP-CP-T152 Speedcast – Commercial Maritime – Andre Eerland
IGP-CP-T153 Speedcast – Chief Financial Officer – Lee Eckert
IGP-CP-T154 Speedcast – Energy – Richard Elson
IGP-CP-T155 Speedcast – General Counsel – Dominic Gyngell
IGP-CP-T156 Speedcast – Cruise and Ferry – Brent Horwitz
IGP-CP-T157 Speedcast – Chief Technology Officer – Chris Hill
IGP-CP-T158 Speedcast – Government – David Myers
IGP-CP-T159 Speedcast – Chief Operations Officer – Mike Neugebauer
IGP-CP-T160 Speedcast – Enterprise and Emerging Markets – James Trevelyan
IGP-CP-T161 Speedcast – Chief Human Resources Officer – Olga Pirogova
IGP-CP-T162 Spintel – Chief Executive Officer – Liam Bal
IGP-CP-T163 Spintel – Vendor Relationship Manager – Con Georgiopoulos
IGP-CP-T164 Telechoice – Chief Executive Officer – Ehab Abdou
IGP-CP-T165 Telstra – Non Executive Director – John P Mullen
IGP-CP-T166 Telstra – Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director – Andrew Penn
IGP-CP-T167 Telstra – Non Executive Director – Eelco Blok
IGP-CP-T168 Telstra – Non Executive Director -Roy H Chestnutt
IGP-CP-T169 Telstra – Non Executive Director – Craig W Dunn
IGP-CP-T169 Telstra – Non Executive Director – Peter R Hearl
IGP-CP-T170 Telstra – Non Executive Director – Bridget Loudon
IGP-CP-T171 Telstra – Non Executive Director – Elana Rubin
IGP-CP-T172 Telstra – Non Executive Director – Nora L Scheinkestel
IGP-CP-T173 Telstra – Non Executive Director – Margaret L Seale
IGP-CP-T174 Telstra – Non Executive Director – Niek Jan van Damme
IGP-CP-T175 Telstra – Company Secretary – Sue Laver
IGP-CP-T176 Telstra – Chief Financial Officer and Group Executive, Strategy and Finance – Vicki Brady
IGP-CP-T177 Telstra – Group Executive, Consumer & Small Business – Michael Ackland
IGP-CP-T178 Telstra – Group Executive, Transformation, Communications & People – Alexandra Badenoch
IGP-CP-T179 Telstra – Group Executive, Enterprise – David Burns
IGP-CP-T180 Telstra – Group Executive, Networks and IT – Nikos Katinakis
IGP-CP-T181 Telstra – Group General Counsel & Group Executive Legal, Regulatory, Government & Sustainability – Lyndall Stoyles
IGP-CP-T182 Telstra – Telstra InfraCo CEO – Brendon Riley
IGP-CP-T183 Telstra – Product & Technology – Group Executive – Kim Andersen
IGP-CP-T184 Telstra – Group Executive, Global Business Services – Dean Salter
IGP-CP-T185 Vertel – Executive Director – Andrew Findley
IGP-CP-T186 Vertel – Managing Director – Theo Belekas
IGP-CP-T187 Vertel – Director of Network Services – Alex Kanikevich
IGP-CP-T188 Vertel – Director of Business Operations – Andrew Peterson
IGP-CP-T189 Vertel – Director of Engagement – Kate Jackson
IGP-CP-T190 Vertel – Director of Operations – Michael Crawford
IGP-CP-T191 Vertel – Commercial Director – Tony Hudson


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