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Anonymous until it counts. A place to have your say without fear and without divisive commentary or offensive rhetoric.
This is where Australia unites and stamps it’s independence as the

Please leave a comment below with your idea for a people’s order.

* ALL content will be presented as a direct order formatted as an instruction from the people. The people will be asked to agree and register their agreement or disagree and leave a comment so compromise can be achieved until agreed orders with large numbers of support will be implemented without negotiation as THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

This site serves as a platform for the Australian People to apply their will as Orders by the people after collecting the agreement of you, the people through the availability of public input and transparency which this site offers.
All personal data will remain strictly anonymous until the need for it to be applied as your will in a collective moment of independence through truth and unity.

Thank you Australia for your efforts to secure the future of this land WE ALL love.

* Please note. Comments left here can not always be immediately turned into polls, but will be read and polls created as soon as possible.
Thankyou for your patience and consideration while we get everything running smoothly.

Please comment below.

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