Immediate Action

With the ever present threats of globalism breathing down our necks there are three vitally important concerns where action is needed IMMEDIATELY.
The lives of many are literally at risk.
The future of this continent relies on it’s original elders, the unification of all people and emboldened action against the unlawful constructs in place.
Please poll your agreement to stand RIGHT NOW on these matters so the voice of unity can defend the truth .

Please poll below.

Protecting the People

There has never been a more important time to stand up and demand the protection of certain people on this continent. As unlawful government policy dictates billions of dollars in revenue and stolen wealth, Original Elders and children all over the continent are being subjected to conditions and circumstances with no duty of care whatsoever being demonstrated from those charged with the responsibility of their well being.
Children are being neglected and abused, and  impoverished  communities are not adequately provided the support needed to end the cycle. A serious effort is needed now.
The Elders who have been through more than one might possibly imagine and seen so much come to pass in their lifetimes are being severely neglected in far from adequate health care and aged care facilities and there is EVERY IMMEDIATE NEED to assist them in being in a HEALTHY AND SECURE environment. Action to accommodate the needs and ensure the absolute safety and well-being  of these most valuable Treasures in required immediately.

Theft of Natural Resources

Multinational corporations, mining giants and corrupt Government are all factors in the continued stealing of Natural Resource Wealth across the continent and are accountable to We the People or they will not be accountable at all.  No contract lawfully permits the removal of sacred country  and all mining operations are acting contrary to the lores/laws of Original nations on this continent.  This is a call to action for an immediate halt in the exporting of any or all resources from these sovereign Nations until LAWFUL AGREEMENTS are in place.

The Kangaroo Courts

The “Australian” courts of assumed  jurisdiction are imposing unlawful decisions across the continent in every matter they process. The “Australian” government and judicial system has failed to produce any lawful agreements (evidence) to give foundational jurisdiction (sovereignty) to any and all courts acting on this continent.
An “Australian” court has absolutely no right to make decisions pertaining to free people and only has authority in matters people consent to by acknowledging the court.
Court proceedings against anybody who does not consent and who upholds truth are in no lawful way permitted on Sovereign Nation’s lands and should cease immediately.

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