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Please browse through these Orders by the People of Australia and vote on every order you can with the comfort of knowing there are no consequences in standing up for yourself or the truth. If you are in agreement with Peoples Treaty and wish to have your will be implemented in unity with other free Australians?, please know your anonymity will be protected at all times up until and only when the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is implemented without negotiation.

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Order #21

Order # 21

It is my will  that Hemp manufacturing be set up by the people for the people of this nation. There are over 25,000 products that can be made from hemp. Variety of products, including health foods, organic body care, clothing, construction materials, biofuels, plastic composites and more. The folk invest a percentage of their wages to the running of the hemp manufacturing and profits are distributed out as a pension fund upon retirement. Opens jobs, Aussie only investors, manufacturing only within Australia, distributed Australia wide.

Order #22

Order # 22

It is my will that the people look at all Government / councils and decide which 2 they would like to keep. None can be corporate
My thoughts is true councils of 13 and a small Federal Government for international affairs.

Order #23

Order # 23

It is my will That all people drive free of charge on on this land.
That all people stop car registration and driver licencing fees and toll fees.
One ongoing driver licence with no arbitrary renewal system.
One ongoing car registration for each vehicle, to be transferred free of charge when selling vehicle.
No toll fees for any roads

Order #24

Order # 24

It is my will  that the negotiations between the Victorian Corporate Government and the Aboriginal Victorians for which the sole purpose is to implement a Treaty cease immediately.

Order #25

Order # 25

It is my will to cease paying water rates

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Order #26

Order # 26

It is my will to remove GST

Order #27

Order # 27

It is my will to open university positions to Aussies first and lower the limit of foreign students

Order #28

Order # 28

It is my will to allocate more shelters for the homeless. With extra assistance, job programs, and full health check.

Order #29

Order # 29

It is my will to give our original culture the rights to back burn and maintain our national parks

Order #30

Order # 30

It is my will to see world over, the street names, cities, towns , suburbs names that have been designed by the cabal to be struck away, and for names to come from the original people of each country. I’ve noticed a pattern of Cabal names every where. I think they are owed the taxes for them. Let’s be rid of them for ever.

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Order #31

Order # 31

It is my will that the sexual abuse victim gag order in Victoria be lifted so that victims are awarded the right to speak publicly and freely about their abuse at the hands of their convicted perpetrators.

Order #32

Order # 32

It is my will

to have manufacturing of goods sold in Australia primarily returned to Australian based manufacturers, with a gradual phase out of internationally based manufacturers, and to introduce laws to limit overseas purchasing of stock in a reasonable manner.

I wish to see jobs created in the manufacturing industry for Australian residents, and the introduction of environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices and materials.

I wish to see produce and food goods supply returned primarily to become the sole responsibility of Australian farmers and manufacturers, and the cessation of the importing of overseas produce and goods for supermarkets and grocery stores for the majority of supplies, with only specialty goods exceptions, such as specific international foods.

Order #33

Order # 33

It is my will to call a referendum so we can develop a constitution with our Elders, and our original, based on guidelines for leadership to protect our lands, our rights and the people of this nation..full democratic Constitution voted by the people for the people.

Order #34

Order # 34

It is my will to remove all the unlawful charities who keep all donated funds. All money should be released to the cause within 12mths of collection.

Order #35

Order # 35

It is my will to see the immediate cessation of 5G towers installation Australia wide, and the switching off of existing towers in operation, until such time as a fully independent review on the safety of the technology is committed, and the Australian public are satisfied with the application for use.

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Order #36

Order # 36

It is my will to call a referendum so we can develop a bill of rights to attach to a updated constitution by the people for the people.

Order #37

Order # 37

It is my will to stop the elderly from having to use their super as pension funds.

Order #38

Order # 38

It is my will to remove Indue Cards out of the system.

Order #39

Order # 39

It is my will  to remove Australia from the UN, The Paris Accord (agreement) , The Lima Agreement and ALL OTHER unlawful foreign relations and International treaties.

Order #40

Order # 40

It is my will that the people own the resources of this country and benefit from them directly and indirectly by value adding here in Australia! Furthermore we build things that the community needs,. that are well manufactured to last and its done with the people of this country. In addition to this we have a nationalised banking system free from debt based slavery!

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