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Please browse through these Orders by the People of Australia and vote on every order you can with the comfort of knowing there are no consequences in standing up for yourself or the truth. If you are in agreement with Peoples Treaty and wish to have your will be implemented in unity with other free Australians?, please know your anonymity will be protected at all times up until and only when the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is implemented without negotiation.

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Order #41

Order # 41

It is my will that opportunity for people living with disabilities is equitable and  every chance to 100% excel into employment and community  activities exists with transparency and security.
The extortion of labour is not acceptable and fair employment practices must be facilitated.
Protect the rights of all People.

Order #42

Order # 42

It is my will that with parents who have separated, woman should not be allowed to control the rights over a child/children. Parenting should be automatically 50/50. With no one having to pay the other. Child support. And neither can decide to move away with out prior consultations and consent of the other.

*Australia Please note; The Order you read below is in direct opposition to a lawful solution on this continent. The person who has sent in this order has either not read what this page is declaring or does not wish to comprehend what the truth about sovereignty is and has consented to the Commonwealth and all affiliated corporate frauds that currently dictate their life.
As this page promises transparency, this will not be denied a chance to be denied by the people.
I will state this as undeniable truth. The Constitution 1900 is a foreign act of a foreign parliament and has NEVER been lawful on this continent. It is the unlawful foundation that paved the way to it’s corrupted corporate government and along with all other British “laws” it has no jurisdiction whatsoever on this continent.

CONSENT HAS CONSEQUENCE. No further polls relating to upholding the constitution 1900-01, or the Commonwealth will be shared.
This is not a denial of your will , this is a denial of the Commonwealth’s jurisdiction on this continent.

Order #43

Order # 43

It is my will to restore the Original Lawful Constitution of Australia where the power belongs to the people and National Sovereignity.

Order #44

Order # 44

It is my will to dissolve the  Australian Federal Parliament, all State Parliaments and all local Councils and have any and all criminality investigated with accountability to the people’s will.
All Commonwealth authority on this continent has been denied jurisdiction and the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is sovereign and declares  jurisdiction  over the line of authority currently occupying this continent unlawfully.

Order #45

Order # 45

It is my will to bring back military service

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Order #46

Order # 46

It is my will that you work for your dole or go without  and if you test positive for drugs on the dole also you should not be entitled

Order #47

Order # 47

It is my will to keep rates/reg/insurance to pay for infrastructure.

Order #47

Order # 48

It is my will that animals no longer be classified as property. Animals need better protection, rules and regulations with owning, breeding, hunting/food and cruelty distinctions and harsher penalties for those who abuse in any way.

Order #49

Order # 49

It is my will that this nation’s water rights never be subject to private negotiation between corporations or between corporations and government and that the authority of the people over the nation’s water must never be corrupted and that any attempt to circumvent the people’s authority over the nation’s water must be met with a non-negotiable 20 year jail sentence. That full and natural water flow be returned to the Murray Darling River and to all other previously corrupted rivers and streams and that full and natural flow of water of this nation never be interrupted again.

Order #50

Order # 50

It is my will for the entire universe to be in accordance with amistad case 1841, expressing our true identity heritages.

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Order #51

Order # 51

It is my will that we need to nationalise the Telecommunications industry once again and remove all foreign competition and put salary caps in place for ceo’s based on performance.

Order #52

Order # 52

It is my will that there shall be no restriction of travel inside or outside the boundaries of this island. Even in times of emergency the freedom to choose to travel is essential for economic sustainability and human health and prosperity. This order should only subject to foreign incoming immigration policies which need to be transparent and open to alteration based on a system where the people have voted to agree.

Order #53

Order # 53

It is my will with regard to foreign funding of our universities this must stop and or be gone through with a fine tooth comb,there are far too many outside interests using their money to dictate curriculum and are a subversive presence in our education system in general.

Order #54

Order # 54

It is my will that Child sexual assault perpetrators, paedophilia, pedovores and all of that likeness shall receive capital punishment. This in an illness which can only be fixed by breaking the cycle. I will never waver on that opinion and too many lives have been destroyed or suicided due to this debauchery.

Order #55

Order # 55

It is my will that only one new banking/loan system be established country wide, by the people for the people, on a simple merit and purpose base agreed by communities, with a minimal interest rate to be purposely returned within communities to better manage and maintain natural investments to allow mother earth to regain its once thriving flora and fauna, natural creek systems and better manage polluted lake systems for future generations to admire.

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Order #56

Order # 56

It is my will that capital punishment must be there for crimes such as rape, murder and child sexual crimes.

Order #57

Order # 57

It is my will to have state and federal corporate government dissolved immediately.
Have corporate police enforcement in all states dissolved immediately.
And so it is.

Order #58

Order # 58

It is my will that no person be a subject to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent

Order #59

Order # 59

It is my will that every person has the right to move around freely and no borders to be closed unless it’s a threat of terrorism.

Order #60

Order # 60

It is my will that any disease outbreaks are to be backed up with 3 conclusive scientifically proven evidence backed recommendations with public approval through transparency to back any claims of that disease and if an outbreak occurs in a foreign country, an investigation is to be performed immediately if it calls for a pandemic.

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