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Please browse through these Orders by the People of Australia and vote on every order you can with the comfort of knowing there are no consequences in standing up for yourself or the truth. If you are in agreement with Peoples Treaty and wish to have your will be implemented in unity with other free Australians?, please know your anonymity will be protected at all times up until and only when the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is implemented without negotiation.

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Order # 61

Order # 61

It is my will that we the People will never allow politicians to have this much control over our lives and our medical care and choices.

Order #62
Before reading this next order please note that in NO WAY does Peoples Treaty recognise language as relevant to a clean slate for treaty as free people. This site, and the truth both use the term Original Nations and sovereignty in relation to lore, language and boundaries HELD for the last 230 years through their rightful oral jurisdiction and Peoples Treaty is a matter of jurisdiction and not cultural heritage. We are ALL people sharing this space, how we allow law to dictate and govern our affairs is ALL of our business. NEVER will we decsribe truth as “ownership”
Again, I will allow this as it is somebody’s will, but these claims are not at all parallel with the truth and what we are creating here.
I believe this person would agree if they spend the time reading about what this page is putting forward.

Order # 62

It is my will to share; All of this shows promise for a united future but the fundamental premise upon which it is built is wrong. There can be no acceptance of a state of indigenousness relating to place as all humans are indigenous and aboriginal. If the stance is taken that because the ‘original inhabitants’ are therefore the ‘rightful owners’ of this land then you have set in motion the same level of thinking that drove the British or any other nation to do what they have done throughout history. Placement is not ownership. DNA is no indicator of sovereignty. We are not sovereign because we do not have the status except in some Man’s court. Even the earth is not sovereign is just is, and we just are because we are a part of it as it is a part of our solar system. It the acceptance of our true place in the scheme of things that will allow us to see what is important. All other matters are insignificant in the longer term. Those describing themselves a being aboriginal are of no difference to those who are described as white, or of a different colour. Unity can only be a fact if all associations of our humanity are accepted, not selecting out those that favour only a few. Separation will be the end result because the underlying cause has not been addressed. It is no more the fault of the British than anyone else, for we have each been here before and will come again, so we have all contributed to the situation we find ourselves in today. Until this is accepted there is little hope for true unity.

Order #63

Order # 63

It is my will that all evil in our judiciary and government be abolished the government be dissolved. And the people take control the country. Returning it to a fare free constitutional land. For the people by the people and of the people.
No more corrupt politicians and lobbyists. Working for corporations.

Order #64

Order # 64

It is my will that all Politicians past and present no longer be Paid Pensions of a Greater amount than any other Retiree and their Pension is Paid at the same Age as any other Citizen. That all Australians are Paid the same Rate of Pension, the Retirement Age return to age 65 for both Men and Women equally. All Pensioners cease to Pay Council Rates, all required Licencing are Free (E.G. Fishing, Driving etc.) Power and Gas Accounts are reduced by 50% and Vehicle Registrations are Free.

Order #65

Order # 65

It is my will to be heard that The Mental Health system is being used as a weapon of Social Order control to isolate and medicate people with a different view of reality and different political views. Mental Illness is a myth! There is no scientific test or proof that an illness exists. It is a profit making exercise by big pharmaceuticals to create customers for life. We currently have over 1.5million children on psychoactive drugs under the age of 3 in Australia. A person ‘diagnosed’ with a mental illness can legally be held for up to six weeks having committed no crime and have their freedoms taken away from them. This system must be abolished and a return to the old ways of assisting people in spiritual crisis be returned.

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Order #66

Order # 66

It is my will that all unfair Taxes be abolished, Petrol Tax, Alcohol Tax, Cigarette Tax and any other Like Taxes.

Order #67

Order # 67

It is my will to see an end to GMO farming/ agriculture. Only organic agricultural

Order #68

Order # 68

It is my will to see the forfeiture of any foreign power owning anything in our land. Lease maybe but owning? no way! The cessation of payment to any politician past time served. And audited all future politicians and families pre and post service.

Order #69

Order # 69

It is my will to abolish state governments within Australia.
Give more funds to local council & the decisions relating to local be made by locals.
Local councils & federal government only

Order #70

Order # 70

It is my will that teaching of Tribal culture be taught in kindy , to year 6 in all schools. Particularly learn language & specific cultural aspects of where they are being schooled.
It is my will that. Consciousness awareness be taught in schools from kindy to year 6 in all schools. To open our awareness to the possibilities our consciousness holds. An holistic teaching.

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Order #71

Order # 71

It is my will that the government must make all reasonable attempts to repatriate any Australian citizen being unfairly treated, tortured imprisoned or otherwise punished without trial or without charge or where retroactive laws have been enacted for their case. It has always been the case that Australians look after each other and if our government does not share our values they should resign.

Order #72

Order # 72

It is my will that Australian citizens are entitled to bodily sovereignty. All articles of the Nuremberg code must be upheld. Anyone breaching this code should be charged with crimes against humanity.

Order #73

Order # 73

It is my will In addition to order #15: the person who placed the suppression order should be charged as an accessory to every crime that they have suppressed. Every person who has been in a position to overturn the suppression order and has not should also be charged as an accessory.
Order #15
It is my will to have the pedophile protection suppression orders enforced within our judiciary lifted to reveal the names of alleged pedophiles in parliament, law enforcement, judiciary, and any other sector they are being protected within. This is one of the biggest concerns our country faces right now.

Order #74

Order # 74

It is my will  to see our agricultural colleges reinstated so that people can learn how to safely and responsibly produce food; a blanket ban on agricultural chemicals could be disastrous.

Order #75

Order # 75

It is my will  that all Australian watersheds, ie; rivers, springs, underground Artesian basins, aquifers, etc belong to Australia & therefore cannot be sold in part, or as a whole to foreign interest, or used by foreign interest to cool mining operations, frack gas wells, or grow crops that will ultimately benefit these foreign companies, & their countries of origin at the expense & livelihood of Australian farmers, people of regional towns, the tourist industry , & ultimately cause the deaths of millions of fish, destroy wildlife, & other aquatic life !

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Order #76

Order # 76

It is my will  that NO Private education facility receive funding from Government. They are to be fully funded via the organisation and users thereof.
ALL Public education facilities are to be fully funded to an acceptable level as appropriate to student numbers.

Order #77

Order # 77

It is my will  that we have the right to choose what religion, faith we want to follow. Without condemnation or retaliation. Free speech to talk about our faiths, not hate speech.

Order #78

Order # 78

It is my will  that All Original Nation’s history be protected. No Original rock art should ever be destroyed again.  If guilty parties, individual or companies, do not listen then criminal charges should be brought against them.

Order #79

Order # 79

It is my will  that we follow the Will of the people so we have a fair and equitable system for everyone. I no longer accept the Australian, state and local governments as they no longer serve for the greater good of the people. Time for change…

Order #80

Order # 80

It is my will  that in due course the people be asked for their submissions to create a new national flag agreed to by all that more accurately depicts the people of this great continent as we would have the world see us today and one that reflects our hard won history.

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