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Please browse through these Orders by the People of Australia and vote on every order you can with the comfort of knowing there are no consequences in standing up for yourself or the truth. If you are in agreement with Peoples Treaty and wish to have your will be implemented in unity with other free Australians?, please know your anonymity will be protected at all times up until and only when the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is implemented without negotiation.

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Order #81

Order # 81

It is my will  that immediate and transparent action be taken by Australia’s defence forces to cease the globalist operations of our unlawful and illegitimate fictional government and defend the WILL OF THE PEOPLE above ALL other allegiance.

Order #82

Order # 82

It is my will  that any person wishing to be elected, to a place of power or decision making, must first have a nomination from no less than 5 people, of whom there is no previous connection, be it family, friend, colleague etc & must have lived in Australia for no less than 50 yrs, be an Australian citizen, with no ties to any other countries & have a identification, credit & criminal check.

Order #83

Order # 83

It is my will  that  there be ; No preferential voting and no parties allowed in politics…and get rid of illegal councils…either state government or council has to go..can’t continue to have both. Councils have too much power and behave like they are a third tier of government already.

Order #84

Order # 84

It is my will  that  the political system of TWO PARTY PREFERRED is removed. Until such times both the Liberal /National coalition & the Labor Party are assured of taking turns as government ( usually after 2 terms) with no other parties ever becoming a threat to their position of either No 1 or No 2 thanks to the preferential voting system ! IF WE THE PEOPLE are to ever take back our country, & place REAL GENUINE leaders at the helm we must have this electoral ruling removed ASAP.

Order #85

Order # 85

It is my will  to support a people’s valid constitutional rights of Australia. The status quo must be brought down now. We need and deserve better right now as of now. This is the era, wake up, 2020.

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Order #86

Order # 86

It is my will  that there be a complete reform of the Australian education system from Early Childhood Care to Kindergarten through to higher learning, in both private and public education institutes.

Order #87

Order # 87

It is my will that  the sooner we detach our selves from the monarchy and the English methods in creating the class of people; the better off Australians will be.

Order #88

Order # 88

It is my will that all extraction of resources be managed by a special committee with additional oversight, implemented by a new Peoples Government (invalidate and withdraw any foreign control/ownership), with all profits from mining (above and beyond any and all environmental considerations) to be returned to the people in both dividends and all infrastructure. (Mining profits could cover most of our needs) Australians should pay fair and reasonable prices beyond a usage quota (to prevent waste), with excess (that’s not stockpiled) to be sold internationally at premium prices and the wealth appointed as stated. No one company should own or profit excessively from what mother nature has created within our Earth. It ‘belongs’ to all of us and should be shared, with serious consideration given to future generations.

Order # 89

Order # 89

It is my will that land owned by Public Utility companies (for example Water NSW), cannot be sold to private interests without public notice and public bids.

Order #90

Order # 90

It is my will that anyone involved in crimes against humanity being charged accordingly and all their assets seized as reparations to the victims and redistributed back to rebuilding the country

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Order #91

Order # 91

It is my will that birth certificates may not be used as collateral or manipulated for control by a corporation. Those who seek to do so would be charged with Crimes against humanity

Order #92

Order # 92

It is my will that no political parties are to be introduced ever

Order #93

Order # 93

It is my will that no taxes to be paid by anyone. Flat sales tax on goods purchased would provide enough monies to support the country.

Order #94

Order # 94

It is my will that compound interest to be made illegal

Order #95

Order # 95

It is my will that we repeal all red tape and over-regulations of our industries so we can become self sustainable.

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Order #96

Order # 96

It is my will that our dollar be backed by precious metals. Remove foreign controlled central bank

Order #97

Order # 97

It is my will that all elected representatives can only serve 2 terms in office. Governments cannot place country into debt or spend more than they have. No more govt credit cards

Order #98

Order # 98

It is my will that ALL SHIPPING & EXPORT from Australian Ports and shores CEASE IMMEDIATELY. As such, I DECREE Full and Frank Forensic Audit into ANY and ALL foreign contracts, payments made and benefits given or offered for the benefit of ANY persons, foreign Country, foreign business or associated entities outside of WE THE PEOPLES OF TERRA AUSTRALI. ALL current contracts be nullified FORTHWITH, first allowing us to once again become a Self sustaining and Self sufficient Country, growing and supporting our own economy first. We may decide to share our wealth with integrity after we balance the books and after we tend to our own national Peoples wellBeing as FIRST PRIORITY.

Order #99

Order # 99

It is my will that ALL and ANY AGREEMENT/S & CONTRACTS written, intended or otherwise, made in the name of any First Bloodline Original families and requiring signatories to and of, made, agreed and entered into since white man invaded Terra Australi shores IMMEDIATELY BE REPEALED. I HEREBY DECREE NOTICE OF IMMEDIATE CEASATION to ALL CONTRACTED PARTIES to STOP receiving and benefiting from ANY and ALL ASSOCIATED ACTIVITY FOR FINANCIAL GAIN OR ANY OTHER BENEFITS IN KIND.

Order #100

Order # 100

It is my will to call IMMEDIATE FORENSIC INVESTIGATION into the individual,Health and Wellbeing of each (or claimed) FIRST BLOODLINE CHILD/YOUTH of TERRA AUSTRALI to the age of 18. I DECREE IMMEDIATE Forensic Assessment, Audit and Findings Be made to We The Peoples, by chosen integrious delegation authorised and experienced to assess personal, Cultural, familial, community and societal Wellness and Wealth position of Our children and youth.

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