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Please browse through these Orders by the People of Australia and vote on every order you can with the comfort of knowing there are no consequences in standing up for yourself or the truth. If you are in agreement with Peoples Treaty and wish to have your will be implemented in unity with other free Australians?, please know your anonymity will be protected at all times up until and only when the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is implemented without negotiation.

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Order #101

Order # 101

It is my will that the present form of parliament will be dismantled in the interests of THE PEOPLE ! The shared DICTATORSHIP between Liberal/Nationals & Labor only serves those multinational organisations who dominate using corruptive processes that result in bills being passed to ensure their ongoing existence so they can continue to threaten the very lives of our children & their children by the continued extraction of OIL, GAS & COAL! While the rest of the world moves on in a sustained effort to minimise the effects of Climate Change for future generations Australia has, by way of its illegal ballot system, produced two major political parties that are almost identical IN THEIR POLICIES! This situation can NOT be allowed to continue!

Order #102

Order # 102

It is my will that anyone involved in the pharmaceutical industry production, distribution and prescribing be held legally and financially accountable for any damage caused by the medication involved.

Order #103

Order # 103

It is my will that any media publishing organisations or individuals are lawfully held accountable for the content they publish. All media and its employees and contractors must be able to provide evidence of their sources if required by law. All media, its affiliates, employees and contractors must not allow foreign or financial interests to effect the quality and content of their published material.

Order #104

Order # 104

It is my will that foreign and international interests, organisations, individuals, countries and entities may not purchase our assets, land, utilities or interfere with Australia and the people of Australia.

Order #105

Order # 105

It is my will that any servants of the Courts or Public be subject to alcohol and drug testing prior to being eligible to serve the public or the law.

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Order #106

Order # 106

It is my will to seek immediate International Military intervention and registration of a Royal Commission into Aboriginal Affairs since invasion.
Including, but not limited to, national and foreign international dealings, contracts, grants, funding and partnerships involving government, entities and any representatives, including ALL benefactors and agents, and any others receiving benefits from resources taken from Sovereign soils, lands and seas of our First Bloodline families of the Country known as Australia to stand to account.

Order #107

Order # 107

It is my will that suppression orders surrounding or protecting pedophiles in the government, judiciary or anywhere else be made a criminal offence as it is really an action designed to pervert the course of justice by the act of concealing evidence of criminal activity. This would also apply to suppression orders surrounding the events in Port Arthur, as there appears to be collusion and interference in the investigation once again perverting the course of justice.

Order #108

Order # 108

It is my will  that ALL wheat growers in this country be banned from using Glyphosate ( RoundUp) to ‘finish’ crops so that they can be quickly harvested with only ‘dry’ stalks remaining. This practice is now permitted even though many wheat grains are not fully enclosed within their sheaths. The results are of course that flour generally sold for human & animal consumption, & wheat grains sold for livestock, wild birds etc NOW contains GLYPHOSATE, a recognised carcinogenic chemical!

Order #109

Order # 109

It is my will that the “TWO PARTY PREFERRED” parliamentary electoral system be scrapped as we the people of Australia are being held hostage between a government & opposition that no longer differentiate in their policies that are of the MOST IMPORTANCE to the people & their DESCENDENTS. For instance ;- 83% of voting age Australians are willing to embrace clean, renewable energy, & a transition to it which is in line with the PARIS AGREEMENT! Being that our next generations already have little hope of enjoying the quality of life afforded to ourselves because of the effects of Climate Change, we must find a way to give forward thinking parties( or individuals) power over the combined DICTATORSHIP that we now find ourselves under, a corrupt dictatorship that languishes under its own importance, & that of multinational oil, gas & coal companies that are financially very generous in their ongoing support for both these leading parties!

Order #110

Order # 110

It is my will that all courts be suspended, until
Implantation of common law resumes, all victimless crimes be ceased,
Common law juries installed.

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Order #111

Order # 111

It is my will that the ‘separation of powers’ be re-established, in that the Judiciary and the executive be separated wherein all Political systems cease and desist all interference with the Judiciary, and the Common Law concept of the Rule of Law return to all summary courts and courts of competent jurisdiction for people.
The return of the ‘People’s’ Common Law Courts to deal with matters as summary Courts .
As a follow on… all Courts must be independent of all banking / cabal / three Crowns control and their ‘Authority’ and ‘Oath of Office’ should only come from a Republic “We The People” Constitution yet to be created.

Order #112

Order # 112

It is my will to protect our environment and sovereign lands from mining corporations and being bought and sold by foreign investors. Now.
End logging of all old growth and native forests.
True democracy where ALL the people have a say on ALL new potential laws.

Order #113

Order # 113

It is my will  that there be freedom to grow cannabis for personal use, medicine and recreation

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