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Please browse through these Orders by the People of Australia and vote on every order you can with the comfort of knowing there are no consequences in standing up for yourself or the truth. If you are in agreement with Peoples Treaty and wish to have your will be implemented in unity with other free Australians?, please know your anonymity will be protected at all times up until and only when the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is implemented without negotiation.

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Order #121

Order # 121

It is my will to bring attention to a secret religion / society that washed upon the shore’s of this nation with the great white fleet. THE FREEMASONS. Freemason members are throughout the commonwealth judiciary & government they run schools, hospitals and charities, yet their business is kept in secrecy. We the people demand for transparency, we want the Freemasons to tell us who their members are, we want the institutional sexual abuse to stop . We want freedom from the Freemasons, Freemasons have no right to operate secretly whilst controlling our society.

Order #122

Order # 122

It is my will to have an overhaul of the entire Education system. What is taught to our children and who is teaching our children (new revamped) police checks, working with children checks more frequently. I would like to see subjects taught like budgeting, how to manage a home, relationship strategies, how to cook, sew( mend clothes, how to up cycle, how to grow their own food and read to understand food labels. How to use initiative and think for themselves. This is only a few tasks mentioned that I believe have been limited or non existent in traditional learning.

Order #123

Order # 123

It is my will that all sex offenders be placed on a public list with harsher penalties for sex offenders

Order #124

Order # 124

It is my will that Any case thats bought before a family court that children up to age 15 are unfortunately involved in, there shall be 2 magistrates adjudacting such cases. One of woman, the other of man. With both of these magistrates, they MUST have families of their own. Thus, can make any such rulings regarding families, much fairer, taking away the biasness shown currently towards men. Having families themselves, can give much more understanding to any/all problems that can arise with having a family. Makes sense to do it this way, rather than primarily having female magistrates, who quite often dont have kids of their own, be the ones to adjudicate!! How can they truly understand without firsthand experience themselves. This approach, should be adopted in all/with all forms of legal matters, no matter what the case. To have people with no idea or conception to a particular problem, SHOULD NOT be ones making judgements on others.. So any decision made must be eunanimous in agreement between both judges, before any such ruling can be made and deemed final.. If its jn dispute, then by all means, a jury can be bought forth, to help/aid in reaching a definitive verdict, that will stand and is final!!
Why this isnt already the case is beyond me! It takes two, to have and raise a family. So it only makes sense, that there should be a dual sex, family court structure set up, that can work jointly, taking into account the opinions of both male and females perspectives..

Order #125

Order # 125

It is my will that all system workers who work within the ‘child protection’ department,  in any related systems that have a responsibility to children , making reports about children and their families within the system; including workers within the Education Department, workers within the Health Department, workers within the Police departments, workers within the family courts system, and all associated contractors, consultants and service providers.
Each individual who works within or who has any affiliation with the child protection departments is hereby notified that it is your individual responsibility to ensure the genuine and real time protection of each child within the system that you are receiving remuneration for your participation in.
Any report of suspected or known child abuse that is reported to any system worker, contractor, consultant or legal practitioner is the entire responsibility of the individual who receives the report to organise and action an immediate, honest and thorough investigation of the report to ensure each child within the child protection system is safe.
Failure of any individual who receives a report, to adequately prove the safety of the at-risk child to the reporting individual, or group will render the individual personally liable to be charged for their failure in their primary duty of care to the child, and their family.
Furthermore, individuals within or anyway connected to and benefiting in anyway from the child protection system, who are found by We the People to have failed in your duty of care to honestly, actively and effectively keep our children safe, are to be held accountable and individually liable for the damages to the child, their family and community. Your individual assets can be seized as proceeds of crime.

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Order #126

Order # 126

It is my will that each individual baby, child, family and community are held sacred in this country. Anyone who fails in their duty of care to honestly and actively serve and protect the genuine best interests of a child, a family or their community, in open and honest consultation with each child’s family and community; will be charged and prosecuted as complicit in the genocidal occupation of this country in accordance with international protocols surrounding National Sovereignty. These proceedings are publicly recorded and published so all the community can see who has failed in their duty of care to adequately protect our children.

Order #127

Order # 127

It is my will to declare that I am a living person with FREE WILL. I stand in my rights as a Sovereign being. I am in my human God given rights to walk freely on this our Mother Earth.
I will have Freedom of Speech, and will NOT be injected with an Experimental Procedure. I can and will Govern my SELF as a living person of this land.

Order #128

Order # 128

It is my will that Australia becomes as self-sufficient as possible and that the people of Australia are put first before any other nation, so that jobs are created and every Australian has the opportunity to create their own quality of life for themselves and their families.

Order #129

Order # 129

It is my will that all medical vaccine injury needs to be finally:
#Trained to recognise with extensive testing to validate and prove it occurred.
#Reported by law
#Diagnosed as medically vaccine injured
#Accepted and respected
Published in Australian medical literature and media for all public eyes to see the effects, and the children/people that have been affected need medical/ holistic healing support facilities to heal them with financial compensation.
So many children are suffering daily from the effects of vaccines disabling them beyond comprehension. All being turned away from the medical system after injury and adding to the trauma treating parents like they are crazy, leaving parents with nowhere to turn.
Pharmaceutical companies and Government held financially responsible and accountable for these injuries for ruining lives.
Public Apology from TGA, the Government for their wrongs allowing this to happen to the Australian people or life in prison for those held accountable for making final decision (approving unsafe, untested products) on our people.

Order #130

Order # 130

It is my will that we the people be able to freely use cash to purchase goods and pay for for services not to have a cashless society.

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Order #131

Order # 131

It is my will that marijuana be legalised to grow for personal use only to stop the black market. Spend less on packaging with cigarettes everyone knows they are bad for you and bring the price down. People miss out on food to afford to have a cigarette.

Order #132

Order # 132

It is my will that a citizen initiated referendum be called on the dissolution of the two party preferred system , the ending of the scandalous pensions , sever ties and dissolve the unlawfully obtained federal reserve bank and a royal commission into party collusion and corruption. Unlawful acts and offer of plea deals for the first 20 people who come forward as whistleblowers . It’s time for govt officials and politicians to go to jail. The govt criminal enterprise must end.

Order #133

Order # 133

It is my will that we as Australians must come together to take back this land we all call home and make it great again for our future generations.

Order #134

Order # 134

It is my will that the current Australian government immediately disclose all information and identify all persons named in the 99 year suppression order on Paedeophiles in high ranking positions. Furthermore we call all police forces in the world to fully investigate all satanic ritual abuse allegations to their fullest and with utter transparency resulting in successful prosecutions against offenders Regardless of their social status / wealth / positions of authority or power.

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