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Please browse through these Orders by the People of Australia and vote on every order you can with the comfort of knowing there are no consequences in standing up for yourself or the truth. If you are in agreement with Peoples Treaty and wish to have your will be implemented in unity with other free Australians?, please know your anonymity will be protected at all times up until and only when the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is implemented without negotiation. Return HOME for more information

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Order #1

Order # 1

It is my will that any investigations globally into Australians involved in global criminal activities immediately become transparent investigations here in Australia with all suspects to be detained along with all evidence and allegations against them being made publicly accessible.

Order #2

Order # 2

It is my will that immediate action be taken to ensure the proper medical care is being given to all senior citizens who receive aged care assistance or are experiencing medical hardship. The well being of ALL our elderly Australians must be facilitated and abuses of basic human rights and needs is not tolerated.

Order #3

Order # 3

It is my will that the Australian people be granted the right to defend their property, themselves or another person in immediate danger with whatever necessary  reasonable force their defence requires .

Order #4

Order # 4

It is my will that all covid restrictions be immediately lifted and any information contrary to the narrative of a dangerous pandemic be thoroughly  and public examined and all previous covid decisions be scrutinised . Transparency is non-negotiable on matters of public health and freedom.

Order #5

Order # 5

It is my will that all coercion and deprivation of freedoms in relation to Vaccinations cease immediately.

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Order #6

Order # 6

It is my will  that it is My body and my right to choose

Order #7

Order # 7

It is my will that a full and frank social/economic/culturally inclusive investigation and audit, determining the current living standards & conditions, well being and welfare of all Australian Elders (65+), whether living independently, with family or in residential care.

Order #8

Order # 8

It is my will that full and frank disclosure be made of any previously paid, current or intended financial payments and allocations made by government, individuals, associated business partners or other related entities who provide services, resources or are contracted to Aboriginal Corporations, Prescribed Body Corporates, associated/affiliated Trusts and members, Board members, related Counsel members and all other entities whether incorporated or not, who assume directorship, control and/or manage the affairs of our Elders and Original families.

Order #9

Order # 9

It is my will to see a one strike policy for major crimes such as murder,rape and child sexual assault.
A sex offenders register .
Minimum of 20 years sentence without parole .

Order #10

Order # 10

It is my will that firearms laws be relaxed and made more reasonable to allow all members of society who are deemed of sound mind to own, possess in the home whatever firearms they personally deem reasonably necessary for sport, hunting, and defence, and public carry (open or closed) for the purpose of self defence or defence of another. And that self defence and defence of the home be allowed without prejudice And fear of undue and unfair repercussions from police and government

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Order #11

Order # 11

It is my will that the Australian people be granted the right to defend their property, themselves or another person in immediate danger with whatever necessary  reasonable force their defence requires . In addition to Order-#3 Without reprisal or consequence for their act of defence, and the onus of the action requiring defence remaining solely on the offender/s.

Order #12

Order # 12

It is my will  to see transparent  and fair investigation into domestic abuse to put an end to the many false accusations leading to false imprisonment from women against men. This is a concern.

Order #13

Order # 13

It is my will that any harm caused through medical or political negligence needs to be held to account, whether consensual or not. No immunity for vaccine companies. No pension for useless politicians. Put them on a commission for the financial results of their policies & no involvement with foreign countries/corporations except through our military.

Order #14

Order # 14

It is my will that the use of chemical aerosols being sprayed from aircraft (chemtrails) ceases immediately  and all high altitude aircraft with spraying capabilities be grounded until a full and transparent investigation into the uses and purpose of chemtrails in our skies has been scrutinised and their necessity put to vote for public approval or disapproval.

Order #15

Order # 15

It is my will to have the pedophile protection suppression orders enforced within our judiciary lifted to reveal the names of alleged pedophiles in parliament, law enforcement, judiciary, and any other sector they are being protected within. This is one of the biggest concerns our country faces right now.

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Order #16

Order # 16

It is my will that their is to be no more fluoride in our water, no more poisonous chemicals such as round up or other dangerous chemicals to be used for destroying weeds or pests. No more hormones enhancing stock feeds.

Order #17

Order # 17

It is my will  to see the most vulnerable in our society protected. The babies in utero and the elderly as well as the disabled. Typically these do not have a voice and currently those that speak for them are corrupted.

Order #18

Order # 18

It is my will councils must be investigated thoroughly and be made far more accountable for their actions and handling of public funds with redesigning or complete removal of third tier govt entirely.

Order #19

Order # 19

It is my will that all criminality attached to the use, cultivation or distribution of naturally occuring plant life (e.g cannabis or tobacco) be removed immediately.  LEGALISE ALL PLANTS IMMEDIATELY
Plants and fungi are a part of our world and education is better than restriction.

Order #20

Order # 20

It is my will that any current investigations into Child trafficking, Child sexual assault, Pedovore (child cannibal) behaviour and Occult ritualistic practices be IMMEDIATELY dealt with and publicly disclosed. The known evils of these practices are in no way condoned or accepted and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

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