The Will of the Australian People Declaration

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Your declaration STILL COUNTS.
Thank you to all those who have the integrity to declare they will be a party to truth and change for the betterment of our world.


I declare under my free will that any executive orders in agreement with WE THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE collected on this website  are to be implemented immediately under the jurisdiction of THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.
It is my will that a lawful National sovereignty be created through the process of a People’s Treaty with the Sovereign Nations and our right to self determination be protected by all levels of assumed government, military and police throughout any length of necessary time in order to complete the process.
This is my will and it is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

I understand that upon registration of agreement with the WILL OF THE PEOPLE , my real name and email address will be kept anonymous and be open to audit after the time of implementation of THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

I declare I am a living Australian man or woman and I am at least 16 yrs of age

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