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Order #20

Order # 20

It is my will that any current investigations into Child trafficking, Child sexual assault, Pedovore (child cannibal) behaviour and Occult ritualistic practices be IMMEDIATELY dealt with and publicly disclosed. The known evils of these practices are in no way condoned or accepted and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Order #1

Order # 1

It is my will that any investigations globally into Australians involved in global criminal activities immediately become transparent investigations here in Australia with all suspects to be detained along with all evidence and allegations against them being made publicly accessible.

Order #44

Order # 44

It is my will to dissolve the  Australian Federal Parliament, all State Parliaments and all local Councils and have any and all criminality investigated with accountability to the people’s will.
All Commonwealth authority on this continent has been denied jurisdiction and the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is sovereign and declares  jurisdiction  over the line of authority currently occupying this continent unlawfully.

Order #2

Order # 2

It is my will that immediate action be taken to ensure the proper medical care is being given to all senior citizens who receive aged care assistance or are experiencing medical hardship. The well being of ALL our elderly Australians must be facilitated and abuses of basic human rights and needs is not tolerated.

Order #8

Order # 8

It is my will that full and frank disclosure be made of any previously paid, current or intended financial payments and allocations made by government, individuals, associated business partners or other related entities who provide services, resources or are contracted to Aboriginal Corporations, Prescribed Body Corporates, associated/affiliated Trusts and members, Board members, related Counsel members and all other entities whether incorporated or not, who assume directorship, control and/or manage the affairs of our Elders and Original families.

Order #15

Order # 15

It is my will to have the pedophile protection suppression orders enforced within our judiciary lifted to reveal the names of alleged pedophiles in parliament, law enforcement, judiciary, and any other sector they are being protected within. This is one of the biggest concerns our country faces right now.

Order #104

Order # 104

It is my will that foreign and international interests, organisations, individuals, countries and entities may not purchase our assets, land, utilities or interfere with Australia and the people of Australia.

Order #81

Order # 81

It is my will  that immediate and transparent action be taken by Australia’s defence forces to cease the globalist operations of our unlawful and illegitimate fictional government and defend the WILL OF THE PEOPLE above ALL other allegiance.


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