Treaty Proposal to the Original sovereign Nations

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Cut and pasted from Facebook. June 26, 2020

G’day. This is a leap of faith if ever I’ve taken one so here goes. I’m a whitefella, Bunjalung Yiralli, yidaki bagael, and father of sovereign Gargoon Bala . I have been advocating for the self determination of the 368 Nations through Treaty with the Non Original people away from government interference here on this continent for more than 4 years now.

Recently I have publicly challenged the Government, Judicial system or any manner of Government department to answer to the truth about their lack of foundational jurisdiction.

I seek unity and a free future with sovereignty for all people on this continent.

In my years of meeting Elders and others across this continent I have listened intently to what it is the lawman are saying and as I’m aware it’s not my place to speak of lore on or off country so I am not here to go on about any such knowledge I may have.

One thing I am determined to stand by, is that the common point I’ve had shared with me is that above all things this continent needs to heal.

After many years of not comprehending this message, I believe now I do, and I have started the campaign to expose the government fraud and gather the open minded, loving hearted Aussies who can confront the truth so we can question this system into submission and remove it’s powers of jurisdiction.

A government with an unanswered question to jurisdiction is not a government at all. We can sack the whole lot at once. #PeoplesTreaty

I am trying all I can to prevent racism and prejudice based on ignorance and paid narratives so this discussion can bring unity between all people of all races here on this continent.

Thousands are already standing up and are sharing and discussing what this could mean, and I believe it has the ability to make extreme changes and progress without a cloud of past pain and trauma left untouched, ignored and walked over for the last 120 years.

I have put out the call to begin a Peoples Treaty process. #PeoplesTreaty I believe there is enough love and good spirit in people’s hearts for us to confront the truth about the 230 yrs of genocidal occupation that now enslaves us all to media fed narratives of division, and extends our problems by creating apathetic people who look past solutions and focus on symptoms.

Those who have run the world for so long have unfortunately been very organised and good at what they do so the challenge has always seemed too great to face.

Well I stand defiant of that power, and I refuse it. I wish to be a free man, and most of all I wish my children to be free and not filled with hatred for one and other based on narratives and not truth.

I am calling on people to come forward and confront the truth. To stand as free men and women and unite with all 368 Nations to begin the treaty talks between free men and women until we can provide the solution that eternally recognises, acknowledges and respects the foundation of sovereignty in all 368 lores and can provide an agreed and balanced National common structure that provides the necessary protection for people, and the continent itself.

I believe in self determination, so I am not here to tell you that I have the answer for you. I am here to ask you will you give us this opportunity to come to you with love and create something together.

I realise I’m just another whitey with a lot to say, and you aren’t wrong, but I’m not here to keep you away from the discussion like so many directions are.

I’m here to help heal this continent by taking these steps towards making this a reality and asking you to be the teachers, leaders and amazingly soulful cultural representatives of your lores and bring that knowledge to us so we can come to a compromise that sees nobody suffer, nobody starving, nobody being mistreated by her majesty’s crown and no damage to sacred country. The sites, the land, the rivers and the sea.

I know the rivers are the life blood of this continent and I know we must act to start changing things now.

If you can accept my words openly, and can see my intentions are not to be in control, but to see people be free, and capable of being the change that will heal this continent then I ask that you please push this conversation and hashtag until every Australian knows the System has that question to answer to. #PeoplesTreaty

Only the truth is good enough reason to stand and be heard. There is no victory in following paid narratives and hidden agendas. Please consider my words. Please come out and support truth and #PeoplesTreaty and together we can reshape this continent and completely remove all connections, unlawful contracts, government and handlers related to the criminality that ends now.

This is not the type of thing that will make you lose anything. This is not an agenda and Im more than happy to be turned inside out if you wish . I have nothing to hide.My son, Gargoon Bala is Wanarua mob, Bunjalung born named by the Lawman Lewis Walker on country in Wyabul and is more than enough reason for me to make this stand. I will not let a weak and illegitimate government continue to fuel divisive hatred that will force my son one day to take sides against one half of his family so I’m here to put an end to it.
Right Now .

This conversation is 200 years overdue. But I am glad to be taking responsibility for the unlawfulness of this system and I will not stop until it is done. A conversation that can sack the government.. #PeoplesTreaty

Please help me start it in a big way, please help me shift the narrative from division to unity and away from government interference. The public don’t comprehend that what they are seeing is meant to make race a priority. The people need to be hit hard with truth and every day more and more are standing up and saying they are ready.

I see things about calls for treaty and I ask myself, with who? The government’s of the British Royal Admiralty lost the right to treaty the day it raised a rifle and fired the first round. To ask it for anything is another scar on this continent, unless you are asking it to leave.

I sincerely hope this message is read, and given serious consideration because it will be a conversation that is going to happen either way. Each day I will be dropping this question and call on the pages of MP’s the PM and any post I see that is showing the symptoms of this unlawful corrupted system until everybody has been woken up to the truth about the lack of jurisdiction within the system. #PeoplesTreaty

We are all aware of the system’s powers, of police, military etc, but as free men and women and under the protection of lawful sovereignty we have a chance to ensure they do not act, and fall under the people’s jurisdiction.

From there onwards, is a mystery to me, and I only seek a seat at the table if it is asked of me. I’m simply here to see this happen. Its the truth, Its undeniable and I have no intention of bending on it.

Please take this seriously. Please raise your voices for a reason with a serious solution. This is our opportunity as the world is in a state of open confusion surrounding major players in shadow governments and a window is open here now.

This continent deserves to heal. let’s turn off the media fed lies and unite for a free and healthy future with something we can all be proud of as a nation united. Be the generation that laid the past to rest with resolution. End the Commonwealth tyranny.. Show those who are coming forward that you are genuinely interested in a united country … Please come forward in support of #PeoplesTreaty and let’s build it right this time.

with love and respect didge

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